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Organizing A Food Influencer’s Kitchen 

July 26, 2021 | Kitchen |

Ali Maffucci, Founder of Inspiralized, had moved into a new apartment – and this new kitchen was a huge upgrade from her previous one!



In her old apartment, we were using Ali’s front closet as her pantry and kitchen storage area – which wasn’t ideal because she was sharing this small space with coats, holiday decor, cleaning supplies, tools/utility and more!

New Kitchen  


Horderly was so excited to set her up perfectly in her new beautiful space! Ali’s new kitchen had a great layout and much more storage space that Ali definitely needed! 

Because Ali is a food influencer, she photographs a lot of her food so we organized which items in the kitchen were for everyday use, which were for shooting food content.


We created an easy kid station in drawers where Ali could easily serve her young children from across the kitchen island.


In the new apartment, Ali has an outdoor patio, so her new category of outdoor entertaining items was set up in the kitchen, easily accessible to the patio door. 


Now, all of Ali’s outdoor entertaining items were in one place, organized to easily grab and go!


In Ali’s pantry, we used deep clear bins to store and contain different types of foods. We also used bamboo drawer dividers on the lower pullouts to create sections and columns for cans to securely be stored (so they’re not rolling around the drawers). 

This pantry was great because in addition to the products we implemented, it came with pullout drawers that made grabbing snacks or baking supplies much easier! 



It was so satisfying for Ali to finally have a setup where all of her kitchen items were actually in the kitchen! There was also a perfect spot in Ali’s dining room for a tall buffet so we suggested that for all of her entertaining dishes. 

In the pullout pantry, we used deep clear bins to contain different categories of foods. 

The kitchen drawers had some built-in utensils and tool organizers already, which were great to divide and contain different types of cooking tools. Horderly also brought in additional bamboo drawer dividers and bamboo drawer organizers for additional containment. 

Comment below if you have questions about this project, or any other organizing questions!

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