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Organize Your Fridge & Freezer Like A Pro

March 2, 2023 | Kitchen |

Whether you’re a microwave-meal kind of cook, or are planning to wipe out the competition on the next season of Top Chef, Horderly is here to help you maximize the functionality of your fridge and freezer. Because everyone deserves to feel like the master chef of their own kitchen!

Fridge Drawers

Starting off with the lowest part of your fridge: the drawers. This is often the space where good foods go to die. That’s why we recommend keeping your drawers categorized so that your fresh pepper doesn’t rot under a sea of packaged cheeses. Categories are customizable depending on what you keep in your fridge, but ideally we reserve the fridge drawers for meat & cheese and fruits & veggies. We love using Youcopia’s Fridge Drawers, with adjustable dividers, to further split up categories within each drawer so that you can really see everything you have.

TIP: Any raw meat or fish should be contained in a fridge-safe bin and kept at the lowest part of your fridge to avoid cross-contamination from drippage.

Fridge Shelves

Most fridges have adjustable shelves so you can customize the space for your needs! There are so many options of fridge-safe bins to contain your categories on shelves by creating a “drawer” effect. IDesign Deep Fridge Bins, T.H.E. Divided Fridge Bins, Everything Organizer Wide Fridge Bins and the previously mentioned Youcopia Fridge Drawers are all excellent choices for maximizing the depth of your shelves. We recommend storing leftovers, spreads & syrups, and grab & go items like yogurt and applesauce in these bins for easy access. 

TIP: Almost all IDesign Linus Bins are made from resipreme plastic and are safe to use in both your fridge and freezer! 

It’s no secret: we love a Turntable. Turntables do wonders for corralling loose items in your home, and your fridge shelves are no exception. We use them for containing many categories including sauces, dips and condiments. The turning function allows you to access items anywhere on the turntable with ease.

TIP: If you are struggling for space on your fridge shelves, checkout Youcopia’s egg dispenser! Its two-tier feature narrows the amount of space it consumes on the shelf while making it easier to access your eggs without having to open the carton.

Fridge Door

The fridge door is the warmest part of your fridge, making it a dangerous place to store things like milk and dairy. Instead, tuck your milk on the shelf and opt for storing less-perishable items on your fridge door like condiments and grab & go beverages such as water bottles and fizzy drinks. Due to its low carbohydrate and protein content, butter has less of a chance of growing mold and bacteria than other dairy items, making it the one exception to the “no dairy on the door” rule. Feel free to place your butter into its respective compartment on the door of your fridge without fear!

Freezer Shelves

Change your freezer from a time capsule into a time saver by starting off your freezer organization with a big edit. It can be hard to see what you have when everything is covered in frost. Toss expired foods and make sure to only keep things you plan to eat. It sounds simple, but so often the freezer becomes holding space for things that we know we won’t come back to.  After you edit, adjust your shelves according to your needs, and categorize your freezer using bins to maintain your systems. T.H.E. Divided Freezer Bin, Youcopia Freezer Bins, and most IDesign Linus Bins are freezer safe. Challenge yourself to live by the “one-in-one-out” rule: this bin is the size of this category, so when it is full, you can only add something if you take another item out to use or toss. Remember that the door of the freezer is the warmest part, so only store items here that can handle a warmer temperature like nuts, breads, or homemade dog treats. Make sure to label your categories so your freezer never becomes a frosty frozen graveyard again!

TIP: Have a pullout drawer freezer? Use the aforementioned bins to contain categories alongside Youcopia Freezer Racks, which can help sort those frozen meal boxes that previously piled up!

For extra tips and tricks, checkout our Instagram reels: How to Organize Your Fridge, How to Organize Your Freezer, and Freezer Space Savers! 

Need additional support? No problem! Horderly is here to help with both in-person and virtual organizing sessions. Reach out and we can help you create the organizational systems of your dreams!

For more information on all things Horderly- including lots of great tips, tricks, and other #HorderlyHabits- check out our blog or reach out for more information!

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