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Bamboo Expandable Drawer Dividers – Natural


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Our Expandable Bamboo Drawer Dividers are an essential addition to any drawer. When we couldn’t find the sizes we needed for our clients on the market, we knew it was time to make them ourselves! Available in 2 colors and 4 sizes each, these beautiful and easy-to-use spring-loaded dividers will elevate both the function and the aesthetic of your drawers. Get the built-in look while maintaining flexibility of placement as your drawer categories shift over time. Use in the kitchen, bedroom, nursery, or anywhere else you’ve got a drawer that needs dividing!


  • .6″W x 12″ to 17″D x 2.5″H (Perfect for short and shallow drawers)
  • .6″W x 12″ to 17″D x 4.5″H (Perfect for short and deep drawers)
  • .6″W x 17 to 24″D x 2.5″H (Perfect for long and shallow drawers)
  • .6″W x 17 to 24″D x 4.5″H (Perfect for long and deep drawers)

Color: Natural
Material: Bamboo

  • Bamboo (sustainable material)
  • Also available in white
  • Non-slip rubber ends