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The Horderly Process

At Horderly we don’t just tidy! We have a signature 11-Step process to transform every space. Here’s a quick overview!

First we Declutter &

It’s not about getting rid of everything, but helping you find what’s essential to you and your lifestyle. By understanding what you own & how you use it, we’ll build a custom organizational strategy.

Then we Set Up Systems

We are organizing product experts! Our team sources and implements systems that are ideal for you, your belongings, and your space.

Then we Beautify

Function comes first. Then, beauty. We know that if you love the way your home looks and feels, you’ll be motivated to keep it that way.

Last but not least we Teach You How
to Maintain

We are more than just organizers, we are organizing teachers. We know we have done our job when everyone in the home has mastered the new systems and formed organizational habits!

Watch a Horderly Job From Start to Finish