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How to Prep for a Home Renovation

March 30, 2020 | Hord Home Renovation | 12 Comments |

This is the first post in the Hord Home Renovation series (the Horderly way)! Follow along as we highlight our very own Jamie and Fillip Hord’s home remodel over the coming weeks. Follow along with hashtag #HordHomeReno on social media!

Preparing for a home renovation can be stressful, we get it! The bigger the job, the more you need to prep. Prepping now will make putting the puzzle pieces together at the end of install that much easier!

Specializing in decluttering, organizing and unpacking, Horderly wants to make sure you are organized before the dust flies. If you’re considering renovating your home, we have helpful tips and tricks to get ready for your next big project! During this time at home, let Horderly help knock off items on your to-do list.

Take Before Pictures


Home renovations are a big deal!

Before everything gets ripped apart, make sure you take a before photos to commemorate the way your space once was. Your older self will thank you when you want to show your kids or grandchildren what your home used to look like!



Decluttering before a renovation is crucial, and will make life so much easier when you’re moving items in your new space.

At Horderly, we love to edit. You’ll hear us say this a lot! Editing means deciding which items to keep, toss or donate.

Go through each room that is being renovated and take all items out of where they’re currently living. Touch on each and every item to decide whether you still love it and are using it, or whether it can find a better home at Goodwill.

Don’t forget about any items that have slowly crept their way into another space in your home when ideally they should live in this space as well! For example, should some items that have made their way into the hall closet actually be living in the family room? Are there items in your basement that are overflowing from the kitchen? Make sure you’re keeping the whole house in mind while editing an individual room.

The most important part of editing your space before renovations is so that you know exactly what you have and how much you have of it.

Editing your belongings can really put your realistic goals into perspective!

Donate, Then Take Inventory


Donating lesser-used items will make you feel lighter and your space less cluttered!

After you’ve edited your space, make a list of everything you’ve decided to keep – and a list of items you need to purchase or replace once your renovation is almost over.

Look at all of your “keep” items and decide which can be stored away and which need to remain accessible. This will help you determine how much storage space you need to plan on creating in your renovated area!

The goal is to create not only a beautiful new space, but also a functional space that can be easily maintained for your family’s lifestyle.

For example, do you need to reconsider that modern entryway table you’ve been eyeing – with no storage for a custom built-in? Should you give up on the idea that you can do all floating shelves in your kitchen?

Consider which design options or built-ins to add to your renovation plans that will provide a beautiful but functional space for your “keep” items.

Sort, Box Up & Label


Now that you’ve decluttered and taken inventory of all items that need to live in the space being renovated, sort items by type and then box up.

For example, if your kitchen is being renovated, box like-items together and label each box accordingly. This is super important so that nothing gets lost and unpacking can be quick and efficient once your contractors have finished your project.

Don’t Worry


At Horderly, we always like to remind our clients that it gets worse before it gets better! Organizing (especially during renovations) is a journey that our organizers are experts on guiding you through.

Try your best not to stress while your home is being pulled apart during renovations. Trust your contractor and know that by the end of the project you will have a beautiful, new space that your family can enjoy.

When in Doubt, Call the Experts


Whether you need help getting organized pre-renovation, need help putting items back into place post-renovation, or whether you want to spruce up your current space without a demo – Horderly professional organizers can help you declutter every inch of your home.

Feel like you need a bigger space or need to move? Think again! Horderly organizers are experts at making the most of each and every inch of your current home. Creating maximized, functional spaces you love is Horderly’s priority and we’d love to help your home feel like home again.

Even though Horderly in-home services are on pause due to the coronavirus, last week we launched Horderly Virtual Organizing! Since most of us are spending even more time at home these days, it’s increasingly important to make sure all areas are neat, clean and tidy.

For more information on all things Horderly – including lots of great tips, tricks and other #HorderlyHabits – check out our blog or reach out for more information!

12 comments on “How to Prep for a Home Renovation

  1. Julianne

    Love that all of this work gets done BEFORE the renovation so that there is less work at the END. Also, love all of the labeling, just in case I end up needing something that was packed away. Super smart!

  2. Liz

    I’m not renovating my home but I will definitely be implementing your editing process throughout my home during this pandemic to help get the most use out of my space

  3. Melissa

    I find decluttering is difficult for me. I would love to your suggestions on how to help me with this.

  4. Kevin

    Before reading this, I didn’t think there was a way to prepare for it! Ive always just let it happen and clear it all up at the end! lesson learned, some really great ideas here.

  5. John

    I like the idea of taking before photos to look back at when you set up the new space! Genius

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