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5 Ways To Stay In Control Of Baby Stuff

September 21, 2022 | Baby |

If your baby’s stuff overwhelms you, you’re not alone. All parents alike are constantly frustrated by the clutter that comes along with having a child. After organizing for thousands of parents and becoming parents ourselves, we’ve developed a list of our 5 most helpful tips for getting and staying in control of your baby’s belongings. 

Declutter Often

Baby stuff is forever evolving. Because babies grow fast, it’s not only important to know what you have so you can use it when the time is right, but also it’s crucial to declutter your baby items frequently. By scheduling time about once a month to go through all things baby, you’ll refresh yourself on what you have that still fits/works and you can also consider what items are no longer functional, no longer useful, or have seen their day. Be sure to touch on each item individually when making decisions and try to set aside undivided time to focus and complete the project in one go. Not sure what to do with what you’re getting rid of? We have the perfect tip for you… more on that soon!

Have A Place For “Future Baby”

If you plan on having more kids in the future, it’s likely that you’re going to want to keep and reuse a lot of your baby belongings. Remember, this doesn’t mean you have to keep everything! Be sure to still do a good edit and only keep what you know you love and will use again. Then, rather than tucking things your baby has outgrown in random spots and later forgetting where they are, use a large basket and label it “future baby.” Make sure this lives in a spot that is super accessible because you’ll constantly be adding things to it! Once this basket gets full, you can move it to a weathertight storage bin and put it in storage. You can have multiple “future baby” baskets if you want to break it up into categories like “clothes,”, “shoes,” “toys,” “books,” etc.

Have A Place For “Mementos”

Regardless of whether or not you plan to have a “future baby,” you might want to keep some items as keepsakes or mementos. These are items that you don’t plan on using in the future but that you want to save because you want to look back at them one day or share them with your child when they’re older. So just like we did with “future baby” items, create a place for mementos to land. This doesn’t need to be as accessible as your “future baby” basket, as it probably won’t fill up as quickly, but still put it in a reachable spot if possible and be sure it’s clearly labeled. Once this basket gets full, that is your cue to go through it and pair it down. You might find that items you originally thought would have a lot of sentimental value, don’t feel as important anymore when you go back through this basket. Remember, keep it limited to one basket and only keep the best of the best.

Get Rid of Anything Damaged or Overused

Baby items can quickly get broken, overused and worn. These are usually great signs that it’s time to say goodbye. If you struggle with getting rid of things, it’s best to ask yourself pointed questions to help make your decision easier. Or, consider working with a professional or someone with an outside view so that they can challenge you by asking the hard questions! Some questions to consider asking yourself when decluttering are “Do you own something better or something else that serves the same purpose?”, “Do you need this many items in the same category?”, “Is this item damaged/overused?”. When you’re getting rid of things, know that these items once served their purpose, and are no longer usable in your home. If possible, sell, recycle, or donate items so that they can have another life outside of your home!

Sell Baby Items With GoodBuy Gear

All parents know the vicious cycle of buying things for your baby. First, you buy an item (at a far too expensive price). Then, before you know it, your baby has grown past the stage where this item is no longer useful. This leaves you feeling upset and like you didn’t get your money’s worth, which can make it hard to want to get rid of this item. But, it’s already time to buy the next thing for the next stage, stuff is piling up and you don’t know what to do. This is why one of our most frequently asked questions from clients and followers is “how do I sell baby items?”

Well, we have the answer: GoodBuy Gear. GoodBuy Gear is the best (and frankly one of the only) ways to confidently sell your baby items. They have curated an online marketplace so that parents can both make money on their baby items and know that their baby things are not going to waste. GoodBuy Gear quality checks items, cleans them, recommends pricing for you and handles all the logistics. And, we haven’t even gotten to the best part yet… they will pick up items from your house! GoodBuy Gear just gets it.

For more information on how to sell with GoodBuy Gear check out their website.

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