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Why You Need to Hire A Move Manager

March 22, 2021 | Moving |

After you’ve chosen the right moving company, Horderly has got you covered for all your move-management needs! Move-management is a process where you hire professionals, like Horderly, to work in tandem with your chosen moving company to ensure move-in day is as smooth as possible. 

Your move manager will help execute all logistics including helping you choose a mover, schedule pack and unpack sessions, supervise all aspects of the move, and finally, if you choose, set up your home to implement functional, beautiful organization systems – so that you feel at home in your new home from day one! 

Pre-Move Purge


Before you pack up your old home, Horderly suggests editing through your belongings to determine what you’re going to bring to your new home! Typically, a pre-move purge with Horderly is scheduled a few days before movers are set to arrive to pack up your belongings.

Editing is the Horderly process of determining what to keep, toss or donate. Editing pre-move not only ensures you’re bringing what you love and need to your new home, but it makes the moving process more time-efficient and cost-effective in terms of the moving company and costs associated. If you’re struggling to figure out what will fit or flow in your new space, Horderly can help with that as well!  

A “pre-move purge” enables your Horderly professional organizers to set up your new space even faster, because they’ll know that every item moved to the new house is staying. 

Supervising the Pack


Horderly professional organizers are expertly trained to manage all facets of your move. 

Your Horderly professional organizer will give the moving company a tour of your space, and go through action items to make sure that the packing process is as quick and efficient as possible. Then, your organizer will collaborate with the moving company to make sure that the packing process goes smoothly, that boxes are clearly labeled and that nothing gets left behind. 

Move-In Day & Supervising the Unpack


Your Horderly professional organizer will label rooms before the moving company arrives, and give the lead mover a tour of the new home so that he or she knows exactly where each box or piece of furniture belongs. 

On move-in day, your organizer will direct traffic to make sure all boxes end up in the proper room – and then the unpack begins! 

Setup & Organizing 


If you’ve done a pre-move purge before move-in day, your unpack and setup will be easier than ever. 

Did you know that Horderly can completely unpack and set up your new home once the movers bring boxes to your new house? 

If you choose to get a Horderly unpack and setup, your Horderly professional organizer will work room-by-room to unpack items from their boxes, and organize each space so that it’s functional and beautiful for you and your family. 

Horderly recommends unpacking the most high-traffic and frequently used rooms first, so that you feel settled into your new home as quickly as possible. Typically, our professional organizers start with the kitchen and bedrooms. If you have children, we like to organize kid’s rooms first so that they are settled come bedtime – and to make the transition to their new home as comfortable as possible. 

Once the movers are gone and all of your furniture and boxes are in your new space, your organizer will fully unpack and organize your home, keeping in mind your lifestyle preferences and systems that will be sustainable and functional for you in your new, beautiful space.  


To learn more about Horderly’s organizing process, or to get detailed information specific to your upcoming move, please reach out to connect with our operations team. You’re in good hands! 

For more information on all things Horderly – including lots of great tips, tricks, and other #HorderlyHabits – check out our blog or reach out for more information!

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