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This or That: Closet Products

February 21, 2024 | Closet,Products |

Want to organize your closet but not sure where to start? Whether you have tried and failed, are working through a problem area, or are entirely new to your organizing journey, these product swaps and suggestions are the perfect place to begin!

Solid Shoe Shelves over Slanted Shoe Shelves

Shoes fall through open slanted shoe shelves leaving you with messy spaces and mismatched shoes. Instead opt for a flat, solid shoe shelf to keep your shoes upright, save space, and allow you to fit a wider variety of shoe heights. We also always recommend going with a stackable option so your shoe collection can grow with you! These acrylic shelves and white wooden shelves are both stackable and flat to optimize your shoe storage!

Structured Bins Over Floppy Bins

Bins create a drawer effect on your shelves, allowing you to pull down entire categories with ease! Floppy bins have no structure to maintain your categories and can even topple over, spilling their contents when you try to access them. Instead we recommend streamlining your closet with structured bins allowing you to access your categories without fear of an avalanche. 

Boot Shapers Over Boot Racks

Boot racks are clunky and can be an eyesore in an otherwise beautifully organized space. That’s why we love using boot shapers to maintain the structure and quality of your boots. Shapers also give you more flexibility in where you store your boots, allowing you to design your closet organization to fit your needs!

Streamlined Hangers Over Mismatched Hangers

While it may seem like a simple switch, streamlining your hangers makes a big impact on your closet. Not only will it save you space, but it also minimizes visual clutter which makes it easier to get ready in the morning. Make sure you are getting the right hangers for your needs! We recommend felt hangers for clothing closets and wooden hangers for coat closets.

TIP: Transform regular hangers into pant/skirt hangers using hanger clips! Make sure to create separation between hanging categories using rod dividers.

Bin Clip Labels Over Labels on Bins

Using bin clip labels on your bin provides you more flexibility on where to place your label, looks cleaner, and allows you to use labels on textured bins like our signature wooden ribbed bin! If you have questions about labeling, checkout this guide to categorizing and labeling

Closed, Divided Hampers Over Open, Single Compartment Hampers

Closed hampers minimize visual clutter, transforming a mess of dirty laundry into a styled piece in your home! The addition of using a divided hamper creates the option to organize your clothing ahead of time, making laundry day a breeze!

Solid Shelf Dividers Over Wire Shelf Dividers

Sturdy, solid shelf dividers over wire shelf dividers

Wire shelf dividers are flimsy and can fall over easily. Sturdy acrylic shelf dividers stay put as they create separation between categories on your shelf.

Clutch Dividers Over Clutches in Bins

Display your clutches with style using a clutch divider rather than stuffing them away in a bin. The divider makes it easier to see, remember and use what you love, which creates the feeling of walking into your own personal store where your items are displayed for you!

TIP: For larger bags, consider using purse stuffers and sturdy shelf dividers to maintain the structure and shape of your bags!

Back of Door Shoe Storage Over Hanging Organizers

Avoid mixing your shoe storage in with your hanging clothes. It makes it hard to see all your options without the extra step of pushing your clothing to one side of your hanging rod. Not to mention, it can take up valuable hanging space that we could all use a little more of! Back of door shoe organizers save space and allow you easy access to all of your shoes at once. These can be used for a variety of categories beyond shoes like accessories, winter gear, and grab & go items!

We hope these product swaps help you streamline your closet organization! Horderly is always happy to help you bring your space to the next level. Reach out to find out more about our In-Home and Virtual services!

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