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Bamboo Hangers (with Velvet Bar)


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Our Bamboo Hangers with a Velvet Bar are a beautiful and functional way to streamline hanging space and elevate your closet! The non-slip velvet bar will ensure your pants or any other items that you hang over the bar stay securely on the hanger without slipping or creasing. Sturdy enough to hold even the heaviest of garments, these eco-friendly hangers are the perfect choice for any front hall closet, primary bedroom closet, or anywhere else you’re hanging clothes! 

Dimensions: 18″W x .47″D x 8.75″H
Color: Natural
Material: Bamboo (sustainable) / non-slip velvet

  • Made from solid bamboo (a sustainable source)
  • Chrome finish hardware with swivel neck hook
  • Velvet bar matches Horderly’s Black Velvet Hangers 
  • Smooth curved edges