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How to Pack for a Ski Trip

February 17, 2017 | Packing |

It’s the last long weekend of the winter season which means everyone is heading to the slopes! If you’ve ever gone on a ski trip before, you know that there is a lot on that checklist that you have to bring to stay warm and have an enjoyable time. I am here to help you streamline that list and make packing for your next ski trip a breeze!


(Photo taken at Camelback Resort)

Your first step is going to be to gather all your materials and create categories of each item. Think simple when packing. The items listed below are the only things I pack when my husband and I go snowboarding, believe it or not. The necessities! Now, packing for you and your family may be on a larger scale than the 2  of us but, it’s all in the same concept. (Larger family demonstration at the end).


Start from head down: Hat, Neckwarmer/Facemask, Underarmour, Vest, Coat, Tights, Gloves/Mittens, Socks


Boots, Helmet, Goggles, Hand/Feet Warmers

Go through these items one by one and toss or donate what may be old, disliked, or no longer needed. Especially those lonely 1 glovers.


(Red Ultra Storage Locker with Wheels from The Container Store)

You’re going to want to get a container that is not only the right size for all that you’re packing but one that will fit properly in whatever vehicle you’re taking. Keep in mind the skis/snowboards you might also be taking along. Depending how many people you are packing for, you may want to consider getting on top of the car storage for your skis and/or boards. This will save you a ton of space!


 Here I am packing for 2. Go ahead and wear what you can on the way to the slopes, if possible. I usually wear my hat, underarmour, vest, coat, leggings and socks. When packing your container, put boots in first on bottom. You may have to rearrange them like how they are in the boxes when you buy them new…I know this is sometimes tricky 😉 Next, coats (if you have sweaters/shirts put these on top of coats). Next, ski pants (with leggings on top if you’re not wearing them) Then, gloves and accessories tucked in on the side. Use a large zip lock bag to group little items like hand warmers.

Did you catch the order that I am packing in? It should be opposite of how you are getting dressed. Your container is packed. Keep it packed this way all year around and stored in the garage or basement. It will always be there, ready to grab and go and you won’t have to think about what to pack every time! This is literally the answer to all packing and you will see this in more of my “how to pack…” posts.


Here is an example of how I prepared and packed a large family for their yearly ski trip. Set up each category in a container. I.e. Ski Coats, Ski Pants, Helmets & Goggles, Ski Boots, Etc. (Side note: Clear bins are great)

You want to be strategic when packing your containers into your vehicle. Put your bin in a way that you can open you trunk, open your bin (without pulling it out is best), and 1…2…3 you’re dressed!

I’ll be at Holiday Valley this weekend, keep an eye out for my Instagram stories for pictures and videos – See ya on the mountain!


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