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How to Organize Your Home Office with Brother and Horderly

October 7, 2019 | Office |

In honor of National Work From Home Week (#WFHWeek) Horderly is teaming up with Brother to celebrate the work-from-home warriors and small business owners who run their businesses from their home offices.

The workplace landscape is changing with telecommuting on the rise and many small business owners running their companies out of their home offices. National Work from Home Week celebrates everyone who works from home or works remotely.

Horderly is excited to show our followers some of our favorite products to organize our home offices. Brother’s products are always at your side regardless of where or how you decide to work. Setting up systems at home with the help of these products can ensure you are maximizing your office space to #ChangeTheWayYouWork.


Remote working looks different to every small business owner, but the one thing they have in common is the need for reliable products and equipment to get their jobs done quickly and efficiently.

Brother’s INKvestment Tank MFC-J805DW Printer is perfect for any remote worker and is truly a printer you will have for a long time. It comes with up to one year of ink right out of the box, eliminating the worry of running out of ink when you need it.


Setting up your home office for maximum productivity is key. Here at Horderly, we love, love, love to label!

Labeling office organization solutions like bins, baskets, file folders will make your life so much easier. Brother’s P-touch CUBE Plus with Bluetooth® wireless technology makes the process so much easier and takes labeling to the next level.

We love, love, love the Cube Plus labeler because it makes creating labels, easy, fun and super customizable! The printing process is effortless and saves us sooo much time when setting up new systems for Horderly clients.

Labeling is super important because it ensures that all items have a proper home — and will continue to have their own “parking spot” in the future. Designating a specific spot for all of your office tools and supplies will guarantee it stays neat and tidy.


The Horderly process combined with Brother’s products and tools can help set up your office for maximum productivity.

1. Prioritize

Look at your office and the space you have to work with. What’s most important to you in this space? What deserves “prime real estate” — the most accessible parts of your home office.

2. Pull Out

Pull everything out of its current resting place and spread it out (on the floor, countertops etc. — in a place where you can see everything spread out).

3. Sort

Sort the items you pull out into categories like: office supplies, papers, pens and pencils. We also like to sort piles by type, like “incoming,” “to-do,” “archive,” and other specific categories to suit your short and long-term filing needs.

4. Edit

Do you need everything you currently have? Work to figure out what you want to keep, what can be tossed and what you’d like to donate.

5. Categorize

Categorize the items you’ve decided to keep into item type and functionality.

6. Strategize Placement

Which categories are you using the most? Those items deserve what we like to call “prime real estate” — put your most-used items in easy-access locations.

7. Strategize Products

Are there any products you could buy that could make your space even more functional? The answer is probably yes! Here at Horderly we love clear bins and clear drawer organizers to sort our office products.

The cherry on top is labeling the clear bins with our favorite go-to labeler, Brother P-touch Cube Plus and label tape!

8. Implement

Once you figure out which products to use, set it all up! Product implementation is key when finalizing your new, functional home office.

9. Review

Is everything in the right place? Live in your space for a few days. Is your life easier? Do you feel lighter? Is anything still tricky? Sometimes trial and error is the best indicator to make sure everything is in its proper home.

10. Perfect

Make any necessary tweaks to your new space, and enjoy!

11. Tidy

Don’t forget to clean up once you’re done! A tidy space leads to increased productivity.

A friendly reminder from the pros — the process always gets worse before it gets better! Organizing can take a lot of time and energy but it’s always worth it in the long run. Call your friends at Horderly to help with your organizational needs, backed by amazing products and services from Brother.

Brother is always at your side, and together with Horderly we’re the perfect tag team to jumpstart a productivity streak in your home office. Make the most from working at home and take advantage of these resources at your disposal!

Each product is independently selected by Horderly. Items you buy through our links may earn us a commission.

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