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Organize Your Office Like A Pro

April 10, 2023 | Office |

A cluttered office space can create a massive productivity block. You deserve to work in an environment that is not only clutter free, but also one that is tailored to your needs! Below we share with you some of our favorite ways to take your office from frustrating to functional.

Declutter Your Desk

It is so important to tailor your main work zone to fit your needs. We always start desk organization by asking our clients if they need their items visible on their desk to remember them, or if they require a more minimal visual working environment to maintain focus. If you prefer to see things, we recommend using a clear desktop organizer to contain any items on your desk. This will create structure while still maintaining visual access. Acrylic paper drawers and stackable trays are another great way to maximize the space and functionality of your desk surface.

If you prefer a more cleared off and minimal workspace, utilize your desk drawers to organize items you need easy access to. We love using acrylic drawer dividers to separate categories and keep your desk drawers from becoming office supply graveyards. If you lack drawer space, you can always add additional storage with stand alone drawer units like poppin file cabinets and Elfa drawers.

TIP: If you’re a creative who uses a lot of art supplies in your office space, try using a pegboard to organize your supplies. Being able to visually see and easily access all your items will help keep the creative juices flowing!

Create A Printing Station

Let’s be honest, a printer can be an eyesore in any office space. We love tucking printers away in a console cabinet and creating a printing station! Many consoles come with a cord port in the back of the main cabinet compartment. This makes it easy to keep your printer plugged in and functioning while not creating more visual clutter in your work space. The console is also a great space to store additional printer paper and ink either in drawers or in bins on the cabinet’s shelf.

TIP: Consoles are also great for storing specialty equipment like camera gear! Use bins to contain loose categories and protect your equipment from getting scratched or damaged.

Create A Charging Station

We live in a world where a lot of our work is centered around technology, so having a designated area to charge your tech is a must! If you have available drawer space, try using a Docking Drawer to create a charging station in your desk or console! Docking Drawer is a safe and simple in-drawer outlet solution that keeps your tech charged and your desk clear.

If you’re lacking in drawer space, try creating a charging station in a cabinet or on a shelf using a charging dock that fits your needs.

TIP: Organize your smaller tech items in divided bins. We love using STAK bins in closed cabinets & drawers because their adjustable dividers make it easy to separate items within categories. These bigso bins with lids come in a variety of colors and are great for organizing tech on open shelving. Use smartstore inserts to separate categories and keep cords from getting tangled together.

Maximize Your Bookshelves

Lacking in drawer space? Use bins on your bookshelves to coral and contain loose categories. We love using bigso storage boxes and calm storage boxes for storing anything you prefer tucked away like journals and magazines. These bigso file boxes and calm file boxes are a great solution for filing archive paperwork on a shelf.

TIP: Take your bookshelf to the next level by organizing your books either by category, by color, or by category and then by color!

Organize Your Paperwork

We know paper organization can feel like a daunting and fruitless task. You spend hours organizing your papers only to find yourself drowning in incoming mail within a few weeks. Paperwork is one category that is okay to set aside while you tackle the rest of the office because it really is its own project. Once you’ve gotten into an organizing flow, dive into paperwork using the simple steps below:

Creating a system for incoming papers is the best way to ensure that your office space will stay organized. When mail or papers come into your office, bring them straight to the trash and toss any junk mail. Anything that requires action should be dealt with immediately, or placed into a “to-do” section. We recommend utilizing stackable trays for all “to-do” action items. Once the action is complete, the paper is either tossed, filed away, or placed in a “to-file” tray stacked below. 

Keep this system running by creating a schedule for emptying your trays. Some of our clients like to work within a time frame by tucking into their “to-do” and “to-file” trays weekly or monthly. Others prefer to work visually with their system, by sorting through their trays when they start to notice they are getting full. Try out these methods and pick whichever works best for you!

TIP: Filed paperwork should only be archived papers that you need to keep for future reference like tax documents, health documents, contracts, and so on. Checkout our blog and reel to learn step by step how to organize your filed paperwork like a pro!

Horderly is always happy to help you bring your space to the next level. Reach out to find out more about our In-Home and Virtual services!

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