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Hord Home Renovation: Picking the Right Appliances

November 2, 2020 | Hord Home Renovation |

Since we published our Hord home renovation kitchen reveal, so many of you have been asking about the appliances in our kitchen – so we decided to give you all the exclusive details in this post! 

All of our appliances are from – which offers exclusive pricing on the best selection of products, with stock you can depend on – so we were able to seamlessly choose the best appliances that fit our needs. This is the first time I’ve gotten to choose any appliances myself so there was definitely some thought put into each and every one of these items. 

It felt so good to get all of our appliances in one place, rather than shopping all around! I even started to wonder how much easier this renovation could get!


When it came to the fridge, I had to keep Fillip’s height in mind (he’s ‘6”1). Anywhere we’ve lived, we’ve always had a fridge where the freezer door was on top, which meant Fillip had to bend down every time he wanted something from the fridge. Oftentimes, Fillip wouldn’t be able to see things in the fridge because he couldn’t see the top two shelves. Our new KitchenAid full-size refrigerator solved this problem 100% and we are so happy! 

A fridge with a freezer on the bottom is life-changing (especially for someone with height)! The KitchenAid products caught our eye right away with a gorgeous design and many special features. You can see how we organized the inside of our fridge here!



Although it’s not necessary, we wanted to match our KitchenAid Refrigerator to our oven – so we ended up going with KitchenAid as well – and it is GORGEOUS. This oven elevated our kitchen as I would never have imagined. 

The five burners make you do a “double-take” and the fact that all of the buttons lay flat (so nothing is sticking out from the back of the stovetop) really deserves a thumbs up. 

Our kitchen was well-thought-out in terms of kitchen storage, so we also wanted to make sure that the oven we chose had a functional drawer at the bottom of it to store our baking sheets.



Okay, who is dying for a hood in their kitchen?! I feel like a hood is a must-have in a newly designed kitchen these days. I grew up with only a microwave above the oven, so when I first started the design for our kitchen I just assumed the microwave would go there – but Fillip quickly stopped me in my tracks (plus wait and see where our microwave is now)! 

This hood was the last thing to go up in our kitchen and the love is real. It really ties in the appliances in our kitchen and gives it the sophisticated look we were aiming for.



I don’t know about ya’ll but this is the first time I have seen a microwave like this. 

We first saw it in the display room of 5 Star Kitchens and I knew for sure would have one – and they even had the exact one we wanted! 

There’s really nothing like a hidden microwave drawer in your kitchen, so if you get the chance to use this one – I highly suggest you do! Just like our oven, the buttons are hidden by a pull-down control pane (which I love)l. It sure is sharp!



I’ve always dreamed of a kitchen where the appliances blended in with the cabinets. 

Once we found our KitchenAid Refrigerator, I knew that was too lovely to cover, however, I figured we could get away with it with our dishwasher since our kitchen is pretty small and we didn’t want it to feel like appliances were taking over. 

Getting a panel ready dishwasher was the BEST decision we could have made. I knew you could order appliances that matched your cabinets, but I never really knew how the process worked, so this appliance was really interesting to learn about! 


Wine Fridge

We found this six-inch wine fridge on and had no doubt we could squeeze it in our kitchen somewhere! We always have wine in the house, and one of my biggest pet peeves is having bottles of wine sitting on the counter, so this gave our wine bottles the perfect home – plus I like all my wine chilled. We decided to create a beverage area in our kitchen for coffee, mugs, wine, barware and a beer tap! Yep.



Fillip and I went back and forth on adding a beer tap in the kitchen. I was really nervous it would ruin the aesthetic of the counter space I spent so much time envisioning, but in the end, I really like it and it gave Fillip something he really loves! Nearest his office as you can see 😉

The basement is Fillips project of the house and he quickly decided he wanted a kegerator down there and that he could run a line of it up to the kitchen. It really is quite brilliant, especially for beer lovers!


Overall, if you are nervous about what appliances to purchase, try to streamline and match the finishes and keep brands consistent if they are statement pieces. A kitchen designer can help with placement and has superb customer service to help ensure you are meeting the right requirements for your layout. Don’t be afraid to ask! 

If you want more guidance, please comment below or go to Horderly Interiors for kitchen and closet design help.

This content is independently curated by Horderly and may earn us a commission. 

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