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Hord Home Renovation: Before and After Major Kitchen Reveal

October 26, 2020 | Hord Home Renovation |

My husband Fillip (@husbandofhorderly) and I moved into our home in October of 2019, and when we first looked at the house before buying it, I saw my exact vision of our “after” photos. 

During our home search, I basically fell in love with any home that we looked at, no matter how old, run-down or ugly it was because I have always been able to see the potential in a home and see the end vision of what it could look like – it’s just how my brain works!

Strom Home

I knew right away what walls I wanted to knock down, that the framing be applied to the office walls and that the ceiling needed to be raised in the living room (while not even knowing yet that it was even possible)! Fillip and I knew we wanted to get started on renovations right away so that’s when we called our good friend John Strom of Strom Home (@strom_home).


You can find our stools here!

We broke ground on our renovation in January 2020 and projected to be done in April, however, COVID-19 brought our renovation to a temporary halt, which you can read all about here

Finally, with much excitement, in October 2020 we are living in our dream home! Everyone we have worked with throughout this project was absolutely amazing and I am so excited to share our experience with you.


You can find our table here!

First, thanks to John Strom of Strom Home – the amazing contractor who managed the entire project. John and his team are young, smart, enthusiastic and full of energy – which is exactly what we were looking for! 

John Strom and I are very much alike when it comes to an eye for detail, so I quickly knew that I had nothing to worry about during this renovation. 

John and his team did everything from the floors to the ceiling, to the windows and the walls (okay, we didn’t get new windows but they pretty much made them look brand new)! I think my favorite thing Strom and his team did was the custom built-ins in the living room (which we will be revealing soon)! 

Since Fillip and I hadn’t lived in the area for long, Strom also connected us with well-trusted partners – like Scott from Five Star Kitchens!


Five Star Kitchens

Scott from @fivestarkitchens might be my favorite person. He’s so calm, professional and confident – he was so amazing to work with on designing our kitchen. 

When it came to the design, I knew exactly what kind of spaces we needed for the items we have in our kitchen (using our Horderly process of course). I gave this plan to Scott and he made it a reality. 

As you will see, our kitchen isn’t that large, but we took down two walls to make it feel much more open and Scott knew that we had to maximize every little inch. He was patient with us knowing that a functional kitchen is crucial. Scott worked around all of our appliance decisions and coordinated our countertops as well!


We used as our go-to one-stop-shop for basically everything in our kitchen. They have the best selection of home improvement products including trending and traditional styles, unique finishes, and new technologies at great prices all in one place so we could find exactly what we needed to create our own personal style. 

We got everything from our appliances, lighting fixtures, hardware and sink from I’ve always dreamed of an all-white kitchen with brass accents so we ended up going with these pulls on the drawers and these knobs for the cabinets. The farmhouse sink was a MUST and I know y’all have been asking us about the gorgeous basin rack and polished brass basket strainer inside!


Zip Water

Our Zip Water (@zipwaterus) faucet is our ALL TIME favorite piece in our kitchen. We had been talking about Zip Water before we bought our house – if that gives you an idea of how excited we are about it.

Zip Water provides chilled, sparkling and boiling water in one single faucet. What we really love about our Zip Water is the enhanced efficiency and no refilling water jugs, no need to purchase single-use water bottles or cans of sparkling water (which we were forced to use during our prolonged quarantine!). 

Just like Horderly services, it saves us money, time, energy and frustration – and there is nothing better than that! Plus, it’s a stunning accent in our kitchen, fun to show off when we have guests, and makes crafting cocktails easier than ever! Let’s just say anytime we are away from home, we miss our Zip Water.


When it comes to a renovation, my overall recommendation would be to have patience, and to work with the best pros you can find. Enlist a superb general contractor and/or interior designer if you don’t have that overall vision, or if you are too busy. 

Additionally, work with Horderly before and after your renovation so that you’re not only designing a beautiful kitchen but most importantly, a functional one for you and your belongings. Remodeling a home is ABSOLUTELY a full-time job, so be ready to take it on and it WILL be dirty. 

Be sure to comment with any questions or comments below, and stay tuned with more reveals of the Hord Home Renovation coming soon!

If you want or need help designing your kitchen, Horderly is launching a new service in 2021! Be on the lookout and inquire at Horderly Interiors.

This content is independently curated by Horderly and may earn us a commission. 

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