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Your Pet Deserves An Organized Space, Too!

March 2, 2020 | Organized Living | 7 Comments |

Humans aren’t the only ones who deserve an organized space! Even your pet needs systems in place for toys and food, too!

Having designated areas for pet supplies will make taking care of your animals so much easier!

Whether you have a pet or are thinking about getting one, it’s important to be organized from the get-go and set up routines not only for pet care, but for your pet itself! Routines are super important when welcoming pets into your home.

Keep this in mind when you’re moving, too! Pets are like children — the quicker you can get them into a routine, the smoother the transition into your new space will be.

Location, Location, Location


It’s super important to be strategic about where your pet items are being placed. You want to make sure (just like items in your kitchen) that pet items are easily accessible to prep your furry friend’s routine with ease.

Choose a spot in your home to house your pet’s essentials. Store food, hygiene and clothing items in a spare closet, kitchen cabinet or laundry room. For smaller spaces, over the door shoe storage can also be converted into grab-and-go pet station!

Once you choose a spot for all things pet, make sure to label items accordingly. This will ensure everything has a proper home, and make pet-care easier for everyone in your household whether it be your kids, your husband or nannies.

Food & Treats

Courtesy of The Container Store

Food storage can get messy, but with the proper systems in place, a clean pet food area is easily attainable!

We love this Double Silicone Dog Feeder for mealtime. The non-slip silicone base prevents spills and damage to your floors, and serves as a base to hold two generously-sized stainless steel bowls in place for your furry friend!

When storing food, try to keep dry food in air-tight canisters – to limit spills and keep food fresher, longer! These Pet Food Containers or Treat Canisters are the perfect pet-friendly options to keep their food stored tight, plus the pet food containers are on wheels for super easy pull out/put in access!

Bed & Toys

Courtesy of The Container Store

If you’re crate-training your pet, choose one place in the house to keep the crate. Having a stationary home that your pet can always find is super helpful when setting up a routine.

For toys, we love having a basket in the living space where these can land and that your pet can easily grab from. Bonus points if you train your pet to put its toys away! (Please send us videos)!

Hyacinth Bins are great for storing toys, and come in multiple sizes to accommodate smaller toys for small dogs or larger toys for large dogs.

On the Go

Courtesy of The Container Store

Just like kids, pets are always on the go, too! Organize the trunk of your car to include a space for your pet! Keep items like a Dog Waste Bag & Dispenser or Collapsible Pet Bowl to make travel easy!

The plastic bone-shaped dispenser clips to a leash or belt and distributes lightly-fragranced doggy waste bags for quick clean up.

The Collapsible Pet Bowl collapses quickly and easily and can be stored in a very small space. The D-ring on the end of the bowl allows you to attach it to a backpack or hook, making it extremely portable.

Horderly professional organizers are trained to create beautiful, functional spaces tailored to your lifestyle and needs. To learn more about Horderly – including lots of great tips, tricks and other #HorderlyHabits – check out our blog or reach out for a free virtual consultation!

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7 comments on “Your Pet Deserves An Organized Space, Too!

  1. Valerie

    I will be moving within the next 2 months and these tips, tricks and products are super helpful. My dog will appreciate his newly designated space in our new home

  2. Monica

    My dog knows exactly where to sit and beg for a treat now that Ive collected them all in once space, so basically she’s begging ALL THE TIME NOW! haha 🙂

  3. Susan

    Such a great idea to train your doggo to return their toys to the basket! I’ll have to give that a whirl!

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