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This or That: Bathroom Products

August 7, 2023 | Bathroom |

Tired of buying organizing products that don’t live up to your expectations? We see this way too often. That’s why we’ve put together a list of organizing product swaps you can make to maximize your bathroom storage!

Solid Drawers over Mesh Drawers

If you are adding additional drawer space to your bathroom, consider using a drawer with a solid base over using a mesh drawer with large open holes. Drawers with solid bases allow products to sit comfortably in the drawer rather than falling through the open spaces of a larger mesh. This also will make cleanup a lot easier in the event that a product spills. If you prefer to use mesh, go for a finely woven mesh material with holes small enough that no products will slip through such as these Elfa drawers.

Glass Shelving over Ledge Crowding

Are you sick of a product avalanche attacking you every time you shower? Crowded shower ledges not only look messy, but also make it difficult to move freely in your space. Consider instead using glass shelves to create a decorative custom look at an affordable price! These will provide stable product storage that is out of your way while still being accessible.

Wipeable Bins over Fabric Bins

While we love a beautiful fabric bin, consider opting for a wipeable bin for any liquid products in your bathroom. Acrylic or eco-friendly coconut bins are great options for storing anything that can spill or stain.

Individual Drawer Dividers over Preset Drawer Inserts

At Horderly we are all about customizing organizational systems to fit our clients needs. Preset drawer divider options lock you into one solution and don’t account for your individual needs. Single drawer dividers allow you to build a custom system based on the specific measurements of your drawer and your products!

Stackable Drawers over Stacking Open Bins

When you stack bins, you create a barrier between you and getting what you need. Unnecessary additional steps are a big deterrent for maintaining organizational systems. Instead consider using stackable drawers to maximize the storage space and make it easy to access your items!

Hair Tool Bin over Hanging Organizer

While a hanging hair tool organizer can seem like a great solution for a grab & go item like a hair dryer, we often find they end up being difficult to manage and maintain. The cords usually fall down and get stuck in the cabinet door, while the organizer takes up a considerable amount of precious depth space inside the cabinet. Instead of a hanging organizer, consider using a bin or drawer to store your hair tools. This will keep them in one place and help you corral the cords without having to add extra steps.

We hope these product swaps help you streamline your bathroom organizational systems! Horderly is always happy to help you bring your space to the next level. Reach out to find out more about our In-Home and Virtual services!

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