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Simple Gallery Walls with Framebridge

March 27, 2017 | The Hords & Horderly |

There’s no better statement to have in your house than a great frame or gallery wall! I have always been a fan of pictures and frames. The minute I was allowed to hang things on my wall in the house I grew up in, they were covered in everything imaginable…pictures, posters, tickets, notes, cards (I’m sure my friends remember this because it was pretty much unforgettable). I had everything strategically placed and somehow everything fit perfectly. I switched it up a little in college and purchased some frames from Dollar General. I don’t think I’ll ever forget buying those frames. Believe it or not, I think this is when my love for home decor started to set in. I’ve moved 3 times since then and have learned to simplify my wall decor along the way with the help from none other than the amazing…Framebridge 🙂


Sonoma Instagram Frames

You know those Instagram platforms that instantly catch your eye? @framebridge was by far one for me. We recently collaborated and I got the opportunity to see what they’re all about. The way they work is super easy, leaving you with almost no work! The best part, in my opinion, is they have an option of “Instagram Framing” where you can simply upload your photo straight from your Instagram (two of my Instagram photos framed in the Sonoma Frame above). Another option is if you have a nice photo already in hand but want framed, they will ship you a protective flat mailer or roller tube where you can place your photo or art in and ship right back at no cost (my wedding photo shown below). You can frame anything from jerseys to tickets, or hire them to do the choosing on what’s best for you! The way they frame your art in their studio is secure and safe because they mount the art and seal the back for a piece that you can treasure forever.


Chelsea Wide Gold Frame

Hanging frames or creating a gallery wall may seem challenging but it’s really your time to let loose. There’s no rhyme or reason to it these days and you can really have fun with it. Gather your frames and start with your layout on the floor. Play around with it because there will be a million different options you can create. I like to start with my main frame – this is the frame that stands out to you most. Find your focal point, then build around it. Your focal point doesn’t have to be right in the center, off centered is usually best. If you really need to create a visual for yourself, try using painters tape in replace of where the frame will go.


Mandalay Gold Bamboo Heartstagram Frame

Develop a color scheme with your frames. The year I got married I was obsessed with gold shades (and still am) so this is usually the color I work around with. I like to mix in black and white for more of a timeless look. I personally am not much of a color person but when I want color I bring it in with some flowers. Don’t only hang photos. Mix in bought art, drawings, mirrors or other decor like a small tapestry or planters. Mix old with new, make it unique and make it YOU! Also, keep in mind what will be below your framed art. Be sure to add in different heights and textures. Don’t hang your frames too low or too high, you want them mainly at eye level.


Mandalay Gold Bamboo Heartstagram Frame & Chelsea Wide Gold Frame

Are you in love with Framebridge as much as I am? Use promo code horderly15 for your first purchase! Share your comments or pictures of your art below 🙂

Happy Framing!


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