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Organize Your Pantry Like A Celebrity

April 29, 2024 | Organized Living,Pantry,Products |

Whether you have a single cabinet or a walk-in pantry, Horderly is here to help you achieve the celebrity-style pantry of your dreams! We recognize that this is not everyone’s goal when organizing, but if you are interested in creating a luxurious pantry that is as aesthetic as it is functional, follow along!


Decanting is a great way to create a luxury feel to your pantry. We always recommend labeling each container and adding the expiration date on the back to ensure you are only eating food when it’s fresh. These can be placed in a drawer or on a shelf depending on your space. We love using T.H.E. canisters, cereal canisters, and OXO canisters for maintaining the freshness of your food. For glass options, we love anchor jars with either acacia and silver lids, or these glass jars with matte black lids for a modern feel.

TIP: Spoil your pooch a little extra by creating a decanted treat drawer using these canisters!

Streamline Your Bins

Streamlining your bins will give your space an instant uplift. When you walk into a pantry that has streamlined containment, it feels like the space has been intentionally designed to be functional, aesthetic, and to calm the mind. Our favorite pantry bins are Horderly’s viral wooden ribbed bins in natural and white. If you are looking for a clear option, checkout these acrylic divided bins in shallow and deep sizes!

Create Balance

Streamlining doesn’t have to mean that all your containment is exactly the same. You can create balance by using a mixture of colors and textures of organizing products to bring your space to life. Try incorporating a woven or wooden basket along with some clear or wire containment and turntables to elevate the look of your pantry!

Dreamy Drawers

You don’t necessarily need a giant space to make your pantry feel luxe. Adding in a dreamy drawer can really elevate and customize your space! Build out your drawers making sure there is a place for everything using either shallow or deep acrylic organizers and drawer dividers. Transform your snack drawer into a “splurge drawer” and customize it based on the time of year and what you’re craving!

Create a Tea/Coffee Bar

Make your mornings feel expensive by creating your very own coffee shop in your home! This can be in a drawer using organizers and dividers as we mentioned above, or you can create a coffee/tea cabinet to house all of your morning favorites! We love storing mugs in drawers and separated with drawer dividers, or using acrylic shelf risers in cabinets. Decant your teas into organizers in a drawer or a tea box on a shelf. Use bins to contain coffee and accessories and enjoy waking up to your own personal coffee/tea bar set up just for you!

Want help transforming your pantry into your own personal grocery store? No problem! Horderly is here to help with both in-person and virtual organizing sessions. Reach out and we can help you create the organizational systems of your dreams!

For more information on all things Horderly- including lots of great tips, tricks, and other #HorderlyHabits- check out our blog or reach out for more information!

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