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How to Maintain Your Newly-Organized Space 

January 18, 2021 | Organized Living |

So you did it, you finally got your space organized, and you feel like a million bucks! But suddenly, a pang of anxiety hits. What if you can’t maintain it? What if you have a really busy day, and you decide to throw a pair of pants on the ground instead of putting them away? What if that one pair of pants then becomes a mountain of pants, and now you’re surrounded by pants again for the rest of your life?

Not to worry, these feelings are all normal, and Horderly is here to help. We’ve put together a list of ways you can easily ensure your organized space doesn’t revert back to its original hectic state. These tips will help you maintain your space so that it works today, tomorrow and always.

Fold With Finesse

Learn to fold the Horderly way, this should be a simple addition to your laundry routine from here on out.

When you maximize your drawer space with the Horderly fold, not only can you fit more garments in the drawer, but you can see all your garments at once, making your drawers “shoppable.” Make a commitment to yourself now that you will practice the Horderly fold, and maintaining your organized space will be a lot easier to do. If you take the time to fold your clothes properly and put them away properly, you will be saving time in the long run because you’ll be able to find those items quicker and they won’t be wrinkled or messy!


Get Chummy With Your Categories

Say you just finished organizing your bathroom. Take a look inside your newly-labeled bathroom cabinets, and get super familiar with the categories you’ve sorted your items into. From here on out, keep like items with like items. In your bathroom cabinet you probably have categories like, dental care, daily routine, hair care, shaving etc. 

Always return things back to their categories, and only buy new items when you need and have space to do so. For example, if you’re considering buying a third tube of toothpaste, and you know it won’t fit in your dental care section if you do, wait until you run out of a tube to replace it. This prevents categories from overflowing into each other and your space getting cluttered.


The “One-in-One-Out” Rule

Learn and get accustomed to the “one-in-one-out” rule, which means that whenever you acquire a new item, a similar item must be tossed or donated. We all have that one comfy t-shirt or pair of jeans that probably should have been donated ages ago. So, the next time you buy a brand new t-shirt, consider tossing the old one. This trade can be practiced anywhere from your closet to your kitchen or bathroom. Practicing the “1 in 1 out” rule will ensure you never run out of space and feel cluttered with stuff ever again.


Become A Mindful Shopper

Before you go to buy something new, consider the impact it will have on your space, and be sure that it will fulfill a purpose for you.

Buy with intent and not because of boredom. Before you head to the store or open your computer to shop online, make a list of what you need, and only buy those items. Impulse purchases are the enemy to organization, because when a purchase is not thought out, you usually do not have planned space for it in your home. Becoming a thoughtful shopper will not only help you to keep your space organized, but it will also save you money because you will only be buying what you need.

At Horderly, we see our clients become more mindful shoppers after going through our process.


Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

Remember that at any time after a space becomes cluttered or overwhelming, just take a deep breath, and start from the beginning. It’s never too late to begin again with organizing. At Horderly we believe that organizing, (like life) is a process, and though we strive for perfection, we won’t always get there, and that’s OK. 


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