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How to Fold Your Clothes

January 20, 2020 | Closet | 13 Comments |

Folding clothes can be a serious struggle if you don’t have the proper techniques and training in place! There is a science behind folding to strategically and efficiently maximize all areas of your home.

Use Horderly’s folding tips to make sure your closets and dressers are neat and tidy!

Today’s #HorderlyHabits are all about folding and how to perfect your fold for your space:

Why the File Fold Works


The goal of file folding clothes is to get the item into the shape of a small rectangle so it can stand on its own in a drawer, then line each item up so you have rows of neatly file-folded clothes. File folding saves space and allows you to see every single item in your drawer at a glance.

Bonus: File folding clothes in drawers actually decreases wrinkle potential, too!

File folding is a great alternative to hanging clothes when you have more drawer space compared to hanging space.

Horderly recommends folding as many clothes as possible to free up hanging space for items that can only be hung.

Location, Location, Location


Maximizing your drawer size and adjusting your file folds is super important when strategizing your area.

For example, if you have a taller drawer you can adjust your folds so your rectangle is taller, that way you can maximize that drawer and fit more. For shallow drawers, you’ll have to adjust your file fold so your item is shorter.

At Horderly, our go-to file fold assistants are these expandable drawer dividers that help our rows of file-folded items stay neatly in place. These drawer dividers are spring-loaded to fit just about any drawer that’s at least four inches deep and are easily adjustable to create flexible, customized organization as your needs change.

You Have Options!


You have options when it comes to how to store your clothes!

Items like coats or dresses are hung more often than not. However, items like jeans or sweaters can be hung or file-folded in a drawer, or stacked on a shelf. There is no right or wrong way of choosing – it’s about what works best for you along with what your space as to offer!

Have a lot of shelving space? Consider putting bins on the shelves and file folding clothes in the bins! You’ve instantly created a tidy makeshift drawer!

How To Fold: Shirts, Long Sleeves, T-Shirts & Tanks

How To Fold: Jeans & Shorts

How To Fold: Sweaters & Hoodies

Horderly professional organizers are experts in strategizing your space to determine the best storage and containment option for your items.

To learn more about Horderly – including lots of great tips, tricks and other #HorderlyHabits – check out our blog and YouTube channel!

Horderly’s Professional Organizers Teach You Their Tips!

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13 comments on “How to Fold Your Clothes

  1. Kara

    File folding has helped to create so much space in my drawers and has allowed me to see and wear clothes I didn’t even know I had because now everything is clearly visible!

  2. maggie

    I love these videos, I wish I didn’t have to watch them every time I do laundry! Eventually I will get it down without the reference, thanks for making them available 🙂

  3. Fiona

    I could fall asleep watching these folding videos- so RELAXING! I am addicted to file folding because of you guys!

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