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How to Fold Towels and Fitted Sheets

April 11, 2017 | Bathroom,Bedroom |

Growing up I always admired the way my mom folded towels. I could never seem to fold them the way she did no matter how hard I tried! It was something about that “mom touch” and the practice of folding towels a countless amount of times with a family of 5. Since I have became a Professional Organizer I’ve finally got all the practice I need to perfect my fold. I think everyone finds a specific way of folding their towels but have you considered if it’s the cleanest look for your cabinet? If you’re looking to upgrade your linen closet and your towel folding, you’ve come to the right blog!

Maybe you’ve never thought of it, but there are many ways to fold a towel. How you fold your towel really depends on what size of shelf you are putting it on. The depth of the shelf can completely change the way you fold but my technique of folding (shown below) works for most shelves because whether the shelf is deep or shallow, there is only one simple step to making it fit. (You never want your folded towel hanging over your shelf or squeezed together)

How to fold the perfect towel

I am showing you this fold with the towel laying down, but sometimes it’s faster to hold your towel for the first 2 folds.


Lay your towel flat with the tag side face up.


Fold the left side in a little more than halfway.


Fold the right side in, matching the edge.
This is going to make your folded towel uniform with no folded edges shown! Once you get use to this you will cringe at the sight of a towel with the folded edges shown!


Flip the bottom in to the size you want to fit your shelf. Here I am making a thick fold for a shallow shelf. If you want to make a thinner fold for a deeper shelf, take this fold in further.


Do the same with the top.


Repeat the same 2 folds with the bottom and top. Make sure you leave a gap between. You wouldn’t have this step if you were making a thinner fold for a deep shelf.


The last fold! If you have trouble with this step you didn’t leave a big enough gap. Go back and adjust your folds if need be.


Folding your towels with no folded edges showing will give your linen closet that clean look. I promise you your guests will be impressed and every time you reach for a towel you will feel some sort of satisfaction.

How to fold a fitted sheet

Oooh the dreaded fitted sheet. I know how you all feel about this because I use to feel the same way. Once you figure out how to fold a fitted sheet (shown below) you may actually be excited to fold it because this method seriously makes it so easy. Hopefully my pictures make it easy for you but I feel like the video almost makes it even easier which is coming soon to my Instagram @horderlynyc so be sure to follow!


Lay your fitting sheet face down on the floor. Excuse the wrinkles…that will have to be for another post 😉


This is the step that changes everything. Take the top and bottom right corners, flip them inside out and tuck them into the top and bottom left corners.


It should now look like this, are you still with me?


From here, we are basically mimicking the same folds as the towel demonstration above. Take the left side and fold it in about halfway.


Take the right side and fold it in matching the edge.


Fold the bottom in to the size you want it to fit on your shelf. Again, I am doing a thick fold for a shallow shelf. If your shelf is deep you can take this fold in further.


Fold the top down to mimic your fold on the bottom


Repeat this step 1 or 2 times.


Be sure to leave that gap!




No folded edges showing for a nice clean look!

Added tip: How to keep your white towels and sheets WHITE


Everyone loves a white towel and white sheets, but do you consider it impossible to keep them white? Of course I like to use The Laundress Whites Detergent but the secret is to add a little baking soda in with your liquid laundry detergent for an extra boost of white!

Happy folding…and whitening 😉


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