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Horderly’s Guide to A Perfect Gift Wrapping Station

December 2, 2019 | Holidays & Seasonal | 12 Comments |

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, the season of giving is officially in full swing! For those of you who are making a list and checking it twice, we wanted to pass along Horderly’s tips and tricks to setting up the perfect gift wrapping station. 



Every gift wrapping station should be stocked with the essentials: scissors and clear tape. For those gifters who go above and beyond, we like to use rulers, double-sided sticky tape and a matte finish tape for those presents that are super tricky to wrap. If you want to take things to the next-level, test out The Container Store’s WrapMaster Wrapping Paper Cutter.

Our team of professional organizers love to store gift wrapping tools in this easily portable Gift Packaging Organizer with a handle — so you can grab and go when you’re in the gift wrapping zone!

Pro Tip: Use a pair of sharp scissors to cut paper, but use a pair of dull scissors to curl ribbon!

Gift Wrap 


We know all the gift wrap options out there can be overwhelming. There are so many cute patterns that many people find themselves leaving the store with WAY more than they need. We love this Vertical Gift Wrap Organizer to keep all of your wrapping paper rolls in place. Try to limit the amount of rolls you purchase to whatever you’re storing them in — and don’t let it overflow! Everything you’re using should have a proper home. 

For a bonus all-in-one option, The Container Store’s Elfa Mesh Gift Wrap Cart is a Horderly go-to for the holidays and special occasions. When setting up our Elfa Gift Wrap Cart we like to store gift bags and folded tissue paper in the larger pull-out drawers on the bottom, then smaller ribbons, decorations and gift tags in the shallow drawers up top. The easily accessible wrapping paper holder on the side will make your gift wrapping process a breeze! 

We also love the Elfa Utility Mesh Gift Packaging Door & Wall Rack for smaller spaces or for those of you who want a more discreet gift wrapping area!

Tissue & Ribbons


For the smaller gift wrapping items that are harder to store or get easily lost, we’re huge fans of this Ribbon Box and this multi-use Gift Packaging Organizer. The custom compartments allow you to sort and store by item type, without having your ribbons or smaller decorations get lost in a larger box of wrapping paper or gift bags. Your tissue paper can be easily stored in the bottom compartment of the handled organizer. 

Cards and Stationary


Whether you’re storing blank cards to write to friends and family, or holding onto the special cards you receive — we love this Greeting Card Case that safely holds cards and notes in an expandable case. We love that this product grows with the holiday memories you make! 

Pro Tip: Keep the best of the best when it comes to cards. It’s super easy for cards to pile up and take over your space. Make sure you’re only keeping what you love and cherish. 

For those of you in search of gift ideas, remember, you can always send a Horderly gift card wrapped in a bow! Sometimes the best gifts are the kind that change people’s lives for the better! Horderly’s professional organizers would be more than happy to bestow an organizational holiday miracle for you or your loved ones.

Reach out to for more information, to purchase a gift card or schedule a consultation!

Follow along with us over the next few weeks for more tips and tricks on how to prepare for the holiday season the Horderly way! 

Today’s Tip from Mrs. Horderly 

“Rather than investing in more material goods, invest in de-cluttering!”

XOXO Horderly

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12 comments on “Horderly’s Guide to A Perfect Gift Wrapping Station

  1. Angela

    Oooooo loving the ribbon box! Even little items like that can make that last minute wrapping so much less hectic! Thank you for all of the suggestions! Can’t wait until the next post!

  2. Kara

    I’ve got the Elfa Mesh Gift Wrap Cart on my Christmas wishlist this year! 😉 Love all of the helpful wrapping tips!

  3. Valerie

    A ribbon box! This would be so helpful for me because my ribbon always gets unrolled in its current box.

  4. Fran

    I always collect blank cards so I have them for any occasion, I definitely want one of those cases!

  5. Linda

    I adore that greeting card case idea! Also that efta system for my wrapping fixings would be so indulgent but I just may need to purchase that for next season… 🙂

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