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Horderly Homes: Real Estate Meets Professional Organizing

February 14, 2017 | The Hords & Horderly |

You know that feeling of excitement when you have something in your life to look forward to? For example – payday tomorrow, a concert next weekend, a vacation next month…

I woke up the other morning and told my husband that this is exactly how I feel my life is everyday — but it sure wouldn’t be the case without him! Sense it’s Valentine’s Day and all…this week, I’d like to tell you a little bit about our relationship and how we have connected our skills and trades to create Horderly Homes.


(Picture taken circa 2007)

My husband, Fillip, and I started dating at age 14 and 15 in a small town from Ohio. Yes, you can call us “high school sweethearts”. Even at this age our work ethics were strong. We liked to work multiple jobs at once, running from job to job and constantly staying busy. We always had fun with whatever we did and enjoyed working. Once we moved to New York and started living together, our work ethics only became stronger.

 As many of you already know, I started my Professional Organizing business, Horderly, part time in July of 2015. It wasn’t until April of 2016 that it really took off and I have been more than grateful ever since. Fillip’s New York journey has brought him to real estate and his personality fits perfectly for the profession. Not only are we passionate about what we do individually but we are passionate and take interest in what we each do (that sentence is a little confusing). We’ve created Horderly Homes to make the experience of buying, selling, staging, unpacking and home organizing a one stop shop. Decluttering is one of the biggest factors to delivering better results when selling and we want to bring our clients a more exclusive and attractive experience.


We tend to get comments about getting married so young (it’s definitely more normal in the Midwest) but the best part about it is that we’ve grown together. I got asked once, “How can you be together for that long of time?!” and I simply answered with “Truthfully, I feel like I don’t have enough time”. The past 10 years knowing Fillip has already FLOWN by. Life after marriage is still FUN and in the end, I don’t think it’s about age but about who you’re with (although the fact that we both have a little bit of an old soul doesn’t hurt).

They say your 20’s are difficult but I believe that having a spouse by my side has made my 20’s easier and more successful so far in way I had never imagined. We have found that now being connected by work we have provided each other with a unique form of support which makes us much more productive. Yeah, the whole New York “hustle and bustle” sure makes a difference but I think this might be the case for us anywhere we go in life.


I will tell you that starting my own business wouldn’t have been nearly as possible without the knowledge and support of my husband. I consider myself quite the introvert and I never once thought of myself doing anything “business” related (I started out going to school for nursing). But, sometimes you’ve got to try something outside of your comfort zone to figure out what it is that you love the most OR find someone that will bring that out in you 🙂


Our key is to take trips often – near or far, prioritize – pace yourself/don’t burn yourself out, don’t forget why you work as hard as you do – find that work/life balance, and find passion in what ever it is that you do – enjoy and have fun! Happy love day


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