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Horderly Habits to Kick off 2020

January 6, 2020 | Organized Living | 6 Comments |

Happy New Year, Horderly friends! As the new decade begins, we wanted to share our favorite tips and tricks to help you start the new year off right!

Use A Planner!


Schedule all doctors’ appointments for the year now so you get ideal time slots and you’re not scrambling for a prescription or sports physicals at the last minute.

Establishing daily, weekly and monthly routines will help you stay on track and never be overwhelmed by the stress of a cluttered home.

Start setting goals so you can set deadlines to accomplish those tasks you’ve been putting off.

Declutter & Label


Schedule edits of different areas of your home to focus on each quarter. At Horderly, you will hear us use the term “edit” often. When we say edit, this means deciding whether to “keep, toss or donate” items in your home. A Horderly professional organizer is trained to ask questions to help you make tough decisions for those items you’re unsure about.

One of the questions we always ask is, “do you love it?”

To start the editing process, choose a room, pull everything out and edit through each and every item. Once you know which items you’d like to keep, find them a proper home in a functional space that makes sense for your lifestyle, and label the location it will stay.

We love Brother’s P-touch CUBE Plus label maker to help us with all of our labeling needs. The CUBE Plus labeler is great because it makes creating labels, it’s easy, fun and super customizable! The printing process is effortless and saves us lots of time when setting up new systems for our clients.

Mail & Office


Don’t let junk mail take over your desk or countertops! As soon as you bring in into your home, go straight to the trash can and throw away or shred junk mail before it finds a landing spot.

Are you one of those people with 0 unread emails, or 500? If you’re the latter, make a point to unsubscribe from junk emails, too! Clearing out your inbox will help you feel lighter and more organized.

Set weekly reminders to sort and file mail. We love keeping an accessible “To-Do” folder handy and then file away the papers you need but don’t have to access daily or weekly.



Treat your dry cleaning like groceries! As soon as you get home, take off the plastic dry cleaning bags, switch out the hangers and put them away in your closet – just as you would food that needs refrigerated!

Believe it or not, plastic dry cleaning bags aren’t the best to keep your clothes in. We prefer to keep clothes out of bags so they can breathe, but for those items that need protection, we love The Container Store’s Clear Garment Bags.



Set up a donation drop zone – whether it’s a bin or a bag – so that you have a space you can put the clothes you’re not loving anymore, and then follow through and drop off at your nearest Goodwill on a weekly or monthly basis.

We totally understand that organizing your home can be super overwhelming. If you want help from Horderly’s professional organizers, reach out to for a free consultation. Our goal is to make your space effortlessly functional so you can focus on the things you love – and not clutter!

Stay tuned in January for more guides and how-tos on getting orderly with Horderly, decluttering and donating the items you don’t love anymore.

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6 comments on “Horderly Habits to Kick off 2020

  1. Arielle

    All the pictures and tips are such inspiration to get my life in order. Definitely something I can do during this pandemic. Thanks for always providing such inspirational tips

  2. Kevin

    I’m going to start throwing away that junk mail immediately! It always get so overwhelming when it piles up, thanks for the tip!

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