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Back to School the ‘Horderly Way’

August 19, 2019 | Kids |

Prepping your kids for the new school year can sometimes feel like trying to wrangle a hurricane.
Here are Horderly’s favorite organizing solutions to make sure your tiny humans are organized from homeroom to lunchtime to after-school sports.


Every child gets excited about picking out their backpack for the upcoming school year!
Whether you have a preschooler or a high schooler, here at Horderly we think your child would love a Stash It Backpack.
Available in multiple colors, this backpack comes with a matching pouch to store important items you don’t want getting lost in the bottom of your kid’s bag!

In-Desk Organizers & Pencil Cases

For the students who still get their own lift-top desk, set your child up for success with a perfectly organized desk. A Mini Office Toolbox and Zippered Pouches can help make sure pens, pencils and tools never go missing again.


At Horderly, we love these Poppin Silicone Desk Organizers for students, they’re cute and easy to clean!

Pro Tip: The Zippered Pouches are also great for storing toys and tech at home!

Lunch Boxes & Stashers

Making, packing and storing lunches is a job within itself these days. Making sure your kids have a well-balanced meal is important and Sistema brand makes it easy to separate food groups for picky eaters!

The Sistema To-Go Set is the perfect solution to make sure your child’s sandwich, veggies and snacks stay contained at school. They are also lightweight to keep that backpack from weighing your little one down. We also love the new Stasher Reusable Storage Bags for the eco-friendly family – not to mention they’re super flexible and easy to clean!

But that’s not all! Once lunches are made, prepped and packaged, your child needs a lunchbox to go with the cool backpack they just picked out! Packit’s Personal Cooler and Gourmet Getaway’s Neoprene Tote are our favorite (and super cute) insulated bags to tote our lunches in!

Locker Organization

Locker decoration is a fun way for kids to express their creativity – but that doesn’t mean organizational needs should be sacrificed! These are our favorite locker accessories that are sure to make your child’s friends jealous:

First thing’s first, we need to get organized. We love these magnetic mesh and acrylic options that can be mixed and matched: White Mesh Locker Shelf, White Mesh Vanity Bin, White Mesh Organizer Bin, Magnetic Acrylic Pen Cup and the Magnetic Acrylic Organizer.

Once school supplies are contained, add Stick on Lights and Silicone Peg Magnets to make sure everything is visible!

Once everything is neat and tidy, don’t forget this cool Tropical Locker Wallpaper and Succulent Planter Magnets to add a fun flare!

Car Organization

Did you think we forgot about you, mom? We know you’re constantly running around, managing your kid’s jam-packed calendars, plus your own!

Here are our favorite items to help a mom on-the-go stay organized!

Here at Horderly, we’ve seen messes, and sometimes the worst of them can be in your car! The landing ground for all things on-the-go that never seem to have a home or make it back inside.

The Meori Foldable Box is perfect for containing and storing bulkier items in your trunk – whether it’s groceries or sports gear!

The Pop-Up Trash Can and Pocket Seat Organizer are perfect for keeping your car tidy and creating a travel space for your children. Whether it’s stuffed with coloring books, electronics or snacks to keep your children entertained, the pocket seat organizer is the perfect solution to create a tidy travel space.

Stay tuned for a special giveaway with The Container Store next month as we showcase Horderly Interiors custom closets!

Today’s Tip from Mrs. Horderly:

Start developing your child’s organizational skills early – they’ll thank you later in life!

XOXO Horderly

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