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Back to School Organization Tips

August 23, 2017 | Kids |

Back To School Essentials

– Digital Clock – Make sure there is a digital clock that is visible for your child to see when getting ready in the morning. No, this does not mean the cell phone because as you know cell phones lead to distraction. Keep one in the bedroom, one in the bathroom and anywhere else they may need. This will help make mornings a breeze (for you and them), manage daily routines, and learn the importance of being punctual!


– Monthly/Yearly Planne
r – Get your child in the habit of using a planner. I recommend one with a spiral binding that has monthly tabs, this way it is easier to open completely and then flip to exactly what page you need. Keeping your weekly goals, daily homework, and notes in here can help you get more done, improve your memory, prevent mistakes, move goals forward and improve focus. Most importantly, it teaches them how to keep their daily lives and tasks organized!


– 3-ring, Transparent Pencil and Supply Pouch – A supply pouch is a must have for each student. There are 2 key words here: 3-ring and transparent. Make sure your pouch has 3 rings on it that way it can attach inside a 3 ring binder. Get one per subject and fill it with all things necessary for that subject i.e. pen, pencil, post-it’s, scissors, tape, etc. Transparency is important because they can look inside and already see what they need and know immediately where it’s at.


– Homework Box – Each home should have a portable “homework box”. Make sure it’s portable that way your child can take it anywhere around the house that they feel comfortable doing their homework. Make sure each child in the home has their own homework box as each child will need different supplies for their age/grade. Make it fun by having a craft night to decorate each homework box before school starts! Keep it filled with whatever school supply essentials your child may need.


Items I recommend for a homework box:

– Notepad
– Pen
– Pencil
– Post-it’s
– Scissors
– Tape
– Ruler
– Calculator
– Index cards
– Markers
– Colored Pencils
– Stapler
– Staples

Dorm Room Toiletry Bag

A dorm room toiletry bag, tote, or caddy will be your best morning routine time saver. If you are a college student, or was once a college student, you know the importance that even 10 extra minutes of sleep can make. Don’t waste that time it takes you to round up and schlep your things to the bathroom every morning or shuffle through drawers. Simply grab your toiletry kit in a flash and take it to the shower with you. Hang it on the shower and all your essentials are right at hand. Fill your caddy only with products you are using everyday. If a certain go-to item doesn’t fit well, switch this product over to a different container that does. This will also help you reduce the amount of random, unneeded products that accumulate over time – keeping you streamlined!


Items I recommend for a toiletry bag:

– Shampoo
– Conditioner
– Face Wash
– Body Wash
– Lufa
– Lotion
– Shaving Cream
– Razor
– Toothbrush/Toothpaste
– Floss
– QTips
– Deodorant
– Comb/Brush

College Emergency Kit

Mom is no longer right there like magic with what you need. Yes, sending your kid off to freshman year of college might be tearful but make sure they are prepared with the things they might not realize they need in a hurry and that they are use to running to mom for! These “emergency kits” also make for great gifts!


Items I recommend for a college emergency kit:

– Hand Sanitizer
– Advil
– Tissues
– Chapstick
– Downy Wrinkle Releaser
– Tide-To-Go Pen
– Command Hooks
– Batteries
– Earplugs
– Mints
– Sewing Kit
– Roll of Quarters (for washer/dryer or parking)

Happy Back To School Organizing!


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