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5 Ways To Use A Turntable

July 8, 2024 | Products |

Turntables are a game changing organizational product giving you easy access to everything you need with a quick spin. Checkout 5 of our favorite ways to use these versatile organizers below!

Spices & Oils


We love using these 10” bamboo turntables for spices, oils, vinegars, and sauces! We usually will tuck these in upper cabinets either on the right or left side of the stove. That way you can easily grab everything you need. For deeper cabinets, checkout the 14” size!

Corner Cabinets

Stuck on how to functionally use those deep corner cabinets? Look no further- These large acrylic turntables are the perfect solution! Coming in at 20” diameter, these spinning organizers will make accessing items in the back of those deep cabinets a breeze.



Divided turntables do a great job of maintaining easy access to your items with the added convenience of separating your categories. For grab and go snacks like bars and baggies, try using a divided turntable on a shelf in your pantry or a cabinet in your kitchen!

Baby Items


As a parent you have enough to think about without scrambling around to find the everyday items you need to care for your baby. Create easy access where you need it most by nestling baby items like bottles and their accessories in a divided turntable. This can be placed in a cabinet close to the sink for easy cleanup. 

Medicine, Vitamins, & Supplements

When you’re sick the last thing you want to do is rifle around a messy cabinet in search of an illusive medicine bottle. That’s why we love corralling medicine into divided turntable The division allows for you to easily separate your medicine into categories such as pain relief, cold & flu, fem care, etc. Typically we store these turntables either in bathroom storage cabinets or in kitchens near water glasses or coffee/tea station. 

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