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Bamboo Turntable


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Make spices and condiments accessible – this large wooden lazy susan turntable will make the most of narrow cabinets and keep everything from spices to condiments neatly organized and within reach 360-degree rotation mechanism for easy turning – the smooth spinning wheel of this rotating lazy susan makes it convenient to reach from any side and find anything easily functional in any kitchen setting – use this decorative lazy susan centerpiece on the dining table, kitchen counter, tabletop, kitchen pantry and anywhere you need easy access to items. Use it as well on bathroom cabinets to keep medicines and vitamins 100% eco-stylish spinner – made of Moso bamboo, this large lazy susan turntable is environmentally friendly, bacteria resistant, sturdy, and more beautiful than regular wood. Its natural finish complements any modern home décor large size with the rim.

Dimensions: Small: 10″, Large: 14″
Color: Natural
Material: Moso Bamboo

  • 360-degree rotation mechanism for easy turning
  • Eco-friendly and bacteria-resistant