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Transform Your Pantry With These Products

July 10, 2023 | Pantry,Products |

Whether you have a small cabinet for food storage or a full walk-in pantry, this list of products will help you maximize your storage space to create the pantry of your dreams!

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Lazy Susans

Lazy Susans are the ultimate way to maximize corner cabinets and shelves because they allow you to access many items at once. We use them for oils, vinegars, spices, supplements, sauces, spreads, jars, and more! They come in many materials, colors and sizes from 9” diameter to 20” diameter to fit any space and style. Checkout our reel showcasing large acacia lazy Susans to organize a pantry!

Deep Bins

Are you losing items in the back of super deep shelves? Try using deep bins to create a “drawer effect” on your shelf and maximize your space! These clear deep storage bins come with adjustable dividers to help separate categories within each bin. If you are looking for a non-plastic option, we love using Elfa mesh drawers as sturdy bins in deep cabinets and shelves. Checkout our reel to see a before and after of how deep bins can transform a deep pantry!

Elfa Door/Wall Racks

Elfa door and wall racks are a great way to maximize the unused space on the back of your pantry door or empty wall. The adjustable baskets can be used to store everything from lunch boxes, to sauces, grab-and-go snacks or extra ziplocks!

Cereal Containers

No more futzing with plastic cereal bags that give you stale cereal shortly after opening! These cereal containers have a silicone gasket that preserves freshness while being easy to use and refill. The lid has a natural lock mechanism which keeps the lid open while you pour and can easily be shut after. These containers fit two standard boxes of cereal to maximize the use of your pantry space.

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Open Stackable Bins

Open-faced stackable bins can be a lifesaver when it comes to pantry organization. They maximize the height of your shelves while still making it easy to access food from the lower bins on the stack without having to lift. We especially love using them for grab and go items like snack bars, trail mix packs, and apple sauce pouches. They come in a variety of styles and finishes including the paulownia large wood bins, sand bins, onyx bins, eco-friendly coconut bins, and acrylic stacking pantry bins

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