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The Best Toiletry Bag for Organized Travel

February 23, 2017 | Bathroom,Packing |

Do you ever find yourself in disarray and all over the place in your hotel room when traveling? Today I am going to share with you a few toiletry packing tips and my favorite product from Hadaki that keeps Horderly organized away from home.


I don’t know how often you travel but whether you travel twice a year or every weekend, these tips are helpful. My husband and I find ourselves traveling often because we like to take little one night trips away from the city. Packing was never easy to me at first, but I have come to master it. If you’re a girl…you know that even if you’re traveling for one night, you basically STILL need to pack everything you would for a week’s worth trip. Maybe not when it comes to the amount of clothing but you still need all those products that you are using everyday. Am I right?


Biggest tip #1: GET YOURSELF A TOILETRY BAG (or as I call them, “dopp kits”). Here is my favorite one shown from Hadaki: Vegan Leather Toiletry Pod Roll Up in Berry Blossom Red. You can find a few of their products at The Container Store or shop their online site I’m telling you their patterns are adorable and their options on the perfect organized bags are endless.


There are a few reasons I absolutely adore this specific toiletry bag. The size is perfect and the way it rolls up honestly gives me this systematic feeling (is that weird?). No annoying velcro that gets old, no buttons, just these lovely built in magnets that keep everything wrapped up. It has just the right amount of pockets for my toiletry items, plus 2 are transparent, which is a must. (Try to avoid roll ups that have too many pockets as these can become cluttered and confusing which then take up too much time to keep organized). In the smallest top pocket I keep all mouth care: my toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash. It’s important to keep these type of items in a transparent pocket because water and darkness don’t mix well. In the second pocket I keep all body care: lotion, body wash, deodorant, along with shampoo/conditioner. The third largest pocket I keep all oversized items: hairbrush, makeup wipes, etc.


Now, what I say next may set you back a bit but tip #2: DON’T TAKE HOTEL TOILETRIES. I know they are cute and free but you already know what products you like so stick with those. When you take all of the hotel toiletries you are only accumulating clutter. Leave them at the hotel for your husbands use only. Go ahead and go out and buy a little toiletry of each item you need when traveling and prepare your toiletry bag. Remember, only ONE of each. Now this toiletry bag is set for life. Leave your toiletry bag in your bathroom ready for take off. Once a product is all used up replace this item at the time being. (If you want to replace it with a hotel toiletry that’s fine!) but remember, don’t take from your toiletry bag at home – this is for travel only.


Tip #3: SAME FOR YOUR MAKEUP. Use the same system for your makeup. Now for me, I already keep my daily makeup in a mini (transparent) makeup pouch and grab it whenever I apply makeup, so I just grab it for the road as well (I also don’t have that much) BUT if you have a different system for your makeup at home – create another kit just for travel makeup. Hadaki offers great makeup cases or the Toiletry Pod Roll Up would work perfect: brushes in one pocket, liners and mascara in another, and foundations/powders/chunky items in the big pocket.


Have more packing questions? Comment below! Happy traveling 🙂


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