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Stay Organized this Holiday Season with Labels

December 14, 2020 | Holidays & Seasonal |

The holidays can be overwhelming, but there are ways to prep in advance to limit your stress! 

Labeling is crucial to ensuring your organizational systems stay maintained – and labeling can also help keep your family organized, too, whether it’s during your everyday routine, or around the holiday dinner table. 

Here are a few tips and tricks to using labels to your advantage over the holidays. 

Get A Reliable Label Maker 

At Horderly, our go-to label maker is Brother’s P-Touch CUBE Plus label maker. The P-touch CUBE Plus label maker features Bluetooth wireless technology that allows you to print labels from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. The customizable labels are created using an easy-to-use app so you can design labels in a variety of sizes, colors and fonts -– you can even add borders to elevate the design. You can also select from a wide assortment of pre-designed templates along with new templates to help make your labels and products stand out. We love getting creative with our labels! 


Labeling Gifts 

Labeling is the easiest way to stay organized when it’s time for the kids to start tearing through their gifts. There are a few ways to label gifts efficiently (and easily) with the P-Touch CUBE Plus. 

  • Label the Wrapping Paper – Create custom labels for each recipient and place the label directly on top of the wrapping paper. 
  • Tags for Gift Bags – Any mom will tell you that sticking a label directly on a gift bag is an unspoken sin in the gifting world. In order to maximize the life of the gift bag, and use it again for future gifts, use gift tags instead, and tie them around the gift bag handle. Use your label maker to create a custom sticker for the gift tag, instead of sticking it directly to the bag. The Brother Creative Center also features a collection of print-outs and templates to create custom cards, gift tags, place cards, decorations and more.

Labeling Place Settings

Creating custom place settings not only elevates your tablescape, but it makes sitting down for dinner so much easier – no more kids fighting over where to sit!

Use custom labels to make place settings that match the tone and decor of your holiday dinner. Involve your kids and let them pick the design, font, and label tape color to make them even more excited to sit down and admire their work! 


Labeling Storage

Unpacking holiday storage can sometimes be the most stressful part of prepping for the holiday. Searching through tons of piles or boxes of decor to find the right items can be a nightmare. However, properly labeling and placing holiday items into storage bins sorted and labeled by holiday can make your life so much easier! At Horderly, we love using clear storage bins to store seasonal items. 


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This content is independently curated by Horderly and may earn us a commission. Horderly has an existing partnership with Brother.

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