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How to Organize Your Wallet

May 10, 2017 | Organized Living |

Are you flustered or embarrassed every time you open your wallet at checkout? If you can’t find what you need in 5 seconds or less you may need to do a little edit of what’s inside. Here are some tips and tricks of how to keep your wallet under control and organized.

Take Everything Out

First take everything out of your wallet.
Throw away any obvious trash that has accumulated – gum wrappers, paper debris, crumbs.
Toss any unneeded cards – business cards you felt obligated to keep but know you will never use, store cards that you never shop at, and all of those expired coupons.
Really stop to think about what you need to keep vs. what can be tossed.

Create Categories

You want to create categories in your wallet just as you would any other area in your home that you are organizing. For instance: scarves, hats, gloves.
I have created a list for you of the categories I have in my wallet which I will break down individually with photos below. Your categories may be the similar or different.

  • Cash
  • Store Cards
  • Gift Cards
  • Punch Cards
  • Personal
  • Business Cards
  • Change
  • Everyday
  • Coupons
  • Points Cards
  • Store Credit Cards
  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Receipts

Let me just talk about this wallet for a moment. If you guys haven’t heard of Hadaki you must check them out. Their Billfold Wallet in Blush is what I’m using below and I am in love! I am super picky when it comes to my wallet and this one fits all my needs while fitting my style. Also, with Mother’s Day right around the corner, don’t miss out on the perfect gift! Heck, you might as well throw a Horderly Gift Certificate inside 😉


Keep cash in the larger, far side pocket. I also keep checks here when I have any.


This wallet has 8 “business card pockets”. 4 on one side, 4 on the other. Separate your categories to where “Store Cards, Gift Cards, Punch Cards and Personal” are on one side.

Store Cards I have pictured in the top left pocket. This is where I keep those cards when stores only do “store credit” after a return.
Gift Cards I have pictured on the top right. Now, store cards and gift cards technically can fall into the same category but divide them however makes sense to you. Sometimes I divide them by clothing stores (i.e. Athleta) vs. restaurants or any other kind of store (i.e. The Container Store)
Punch Cards are those cards they punch every time you visit.
Personal would be anything like AAA card, Insurance card, etc.


In the bigger space between the change purse and the “business card pockets” I keep my business cards. This section has very easy access as I usually need to be quick when grabbing one of my cards.


Of course keep change in your change purse but be ruthless when it comes to how much. This change can quickly add up and weigh you down. I only keep quarters for emergency and throw any other change into my “change jar” by the door.


*Here I have flipped the wallet*
There is a bonus section in this wallet and here I keep my cards I am using mostly everyday. My metro card, credit card and ID. This is another section where I can open and quickly grab.


(Purely Elizabeth, my fave)

The next session over I keep coupons


The next 4 “business card pockets” you will keep the following categories: Points Cards, Store Credit Cards, Credit Cards, Debit Cards.

Points cards, pictured top left, are anything you’re scanning every time at a specific store (i.e. CVS) FYI, usually you don’t need to keep these and instead you can punch in your phone number at the register. Check with your store to make sure they do this, then toss! Voila, less clutter.


Last are your receipts. Keep these in the bigger far side pocket and go through them often. I usually only have a few return receipts in my wallet at a time.

You must go through and edit your wallet frequently, and when I say frequently I mean AT LEAST once a week. I get it, when you’re on the run you are constantly throwing things in your wallet to keep the line (and your day) moving. Believe it or not, I peak through my wallet every night I get home (and my purse but more on this later). It takes me 5 seconds to toss anything unneeded and has me neat and organized for the next morning!

That makes for one happy wallet 🙂


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