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How to Organize Your Recipes 

May 10, 2021 | Kitchen,Organized Living |

Deciding what to cook should never be overwhelming. But if you’re like most people, there is a chance you’re probably keeping recipes in multiple places. 

So, when the time comes to make a decision of what to eat, you don’t even know where to start, and then you get overwhelmed and order a pizza! Maybe you keep that secret oatmeal cookie recipe your grandmother wrote on a Post-It in a drawer somewhere, or maybe you’ve saved some recipes to Pinterest, or have recipes from old magazines taped to your fridge. 

We hope that with a little Horderly inspiration, you can designate a centralized home for all your recipes – spending more time cooking them, and less time searching for them!



OrganizEat allows you to create recipes and store them, so you can transfer Grandma’s Post-It note recipe to a forever home where you can always find it. 

With a quick snap of a photo you can permanently save a recipe on your profile, and you can share your recipes with your favorite people (maybe Grandma should get the app)? 

OrganizEat will also help you create a shopping list and assist with meal planning. 



Pinterest is a great resource for saving recipes and keeping them organized. If you are a person that doesn’t have physical copies of recipes and operates mostly digitally, then Pinterest is perfect for you. 

Remember to keep in mind that the best way to stay organized on Pinterest is to create many different boards and be really specific about your labeling. Labeling a board “recipes” is not going to help you find things quickly, instead, label them according to the type of meal, type of occasion that you’d cook the meal for (i.e. holiday recipes), or type of diet (i.e. Mediterranean recipes, paleo, etc). 

When adding recipes to your board, give the pin some context by labeling it or adding a comment instead of simply repinning it. For example, if you pin a lasagna recipe you think your boyfriend would love, write that in the comments so when you are scrolling through your board, you will be reminded of your thought process at the time that you pinned it.

In-Home Organizing


If you are the type of cook that likes to have your recipes saved in physical folders, cookbooks, or recipe boxes, that’s great too! 

Wherever your recipes are, be sure to keep them in categories and label them so finding a recipe is intuitive and easy. For example, if you keep all your “dessert” recipes or cookbooks together, then finding Grandma’s oatmeal cookie recipe will take no time at all. If you are keeping valuable handwritten recipes, our advice is to laminate them, to protect them from spills or heat damage.

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