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How to Organize Your Mudroom

August 9, 2021 | Organized Living |

In many homes, the mudroom or entryway ends up being the “drop zone” for the whole family. 

When creating or organizing your mudroom space, it’s important to create a place for each member in your family to call his or her own. 


Keep it Simple & Functional

Whether you’re working with a large space or a small space, simplicity is key. Whether it’s a coat hook and storage bins, or custom built-ins, set up one space for each member of the family to place a few items they’ll need to grab and go for the week. 

It’s important not to let this space overflow and to only keep it stocked with weekly necessities – not an entire season’s worth of shoes or outerwear. 

The mudroom or entryway is also a common place for family members to take off or put on shoes throughout the day. Consider adding a bench for people to sit on. We love storage benches that provide function and beauty in your home. 

Maximize Your Space


Make sure you’re using wall space and ceiling height to its full potential! Whether it’s custom cabinets or shelving, add overhead storage to utilize the often-forgotten wall space. Keep off-season hats, gloves and scarves up high during the warmer months. 

If your mudroom has doors, make sure to use the back-of-the-door space to store communal supplies and accessories. 

If you have pets, you can even create a pet station on the back-of-the-door or inside a drawer or bin so that leashes and waste bags are easily accessible when it’s time to go for a walk! 




Use decorative bins and baskets to contain different categories of mudroom items on shelves. The bins will keep you organized, while also adding a nice aesthetic to your space. Don’t forget to add labels to them so that everyone in the family knows where their belongings are. 

You can separate items by bin, such as shoes and hats, or assign a bin to each member of the family. 


If you need some extra help but aren’t sure where to start, reach out to Horderly to schedule a consultation for in-home or virtual organizing. 

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