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How to Get Your Home Ready For Summer

March 3, 2017 | Holidays & Seasonal |

March is here and yes that means SPRING CLEANINGGG is around the corner (Spring starts March 20th). No need to get overwhelmed or down about this! Spring cleaning is one of the most reviving tasks and can instantly take away those winter blues. It definitely does for me! But, start spring cleaning different this year and DECLUTTER first. By decluttering first, you can simply cut down the cleaning by 40%. So, take advantage of all this spring cleaning talk because once it really warms up you will be too busy! Get a head start on that summer season and get the preparation done, that way you have more time for the sun 😉 That rhymed.

As you all know I recently got back from a project in the Hamptons with The Organizationalist. Kim Parker and I became instant friends last year and I have recently started managing her social media platforms, so if you don’t follow her yet – please give her a follow on Instagram @theorganizationalist 🙂  I have had a few projects out in the Hamptons in the past but because I had the honor of collaborating with Kim, I was especially excited about this project, so I thought I would give you a little inside inside scoop of what we worked on and how to get your house, or in this case “Hamptons house” in tip top shape for the summer.


Sometimes the summer house can become a dumping grounds for every family member. At least in NYC, simply because they don’t have enough space in their apartment in the city. When I am with a client I make sure that “the summer house” is not a first option when decluttering. It may seem like an easy answer at first but now you are not only dragging the clutter around in your life, causing you more stress, time and money, but you are bringing it into your family members lives as well. Here are a few tips on getting your summer house organized for your family and house guests – this way they can enjoy their summer, family time and fun at it’s full potential!


(White Bin Clip Labels and Water Hyacinth Storage Bins with Handles from The Container Store)

Find more storage needs here!

Create categories in the entryway closet. Here we created a whole shelf for “baby and stroller accessories” along with categories above it like “sunglasses and umbrellas” The key is to have everything easily accessible and labeled that way everyone knows where everything is and has no issue finding what they need. Be sure to streamline across the board.


Create a coffee and/or tea station in the kitchen. This is a nice welcome for guests and an instant sign to “help yourself”. Place bottles of water out along with a variety of coffee/tea choices for options. Think strategically on where the coffee/tea station will be. Make it easily accessible and not in the way if someone is cooking in the kitchen. Whichever cabinet you choose to put it under – designate this cabinet to mugs and expresso sets.


Stock up on necessities and beverages. Alcohol, soda, water…whatever it may be and create an area for “stock” but try not to over purchase. Pull from this area and keep refrigerators full with options for guests. It makes it fun for them to open the fridge and gasp from the beauty of it all. Plus no one wants to open the fridge and not be able to grab a water or their favorite soda.


Time to switch out those winter items and make room for the sunscreen. Tuck winter items up high for the season or consider a completely different area. Have a space for pool/beach towels and display them nicely for guests (it’s all about the fold). We created a whole closet for “beach” necessities including beach bags, beach toys, sunscreen, etc. Be sure to toss any expired old items.

Let me know how your spring cleaning and decluttering goes and feel free to ask questions or get motivation from me along the way!

Happy Spring 🙂


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