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Horderly’s Signature Closet Product Line

June 12, 2023 | Products |

In 2020, when COVID kept our teams out of our clients homes, we decided to start a little project designing and developing our own Horderly line of closet products. After 8 years of organizing thousands of closets, and purchasing an unimaginable amount of organizing products for our clients, we decided to utilize our expertise to create a line of products that filled the gaps we had been missing. We wanted products that met our high standards for structure, functionality, aesthetics, and ease of maintenance. So we hired a product designer and spent the last 3 years developing organizing products that maximize functionality, are made of quality materials and bring beauty to your space. We are thrilled to bring to you the launch of our first Horderly product line (and my favorite space to organize!) the closet. 


Streamlined hangers are a must in a closet for saving space and creating a cohesive look. As you know, we love a slim black velvet hanger. So we created a new and improved hanger that was extra strong and flocked meaning there is no black dust left on your garments or your shelves. With sustainability on our minds, we made sure that the plastic we used was part-recycled PET. And perfected with our logo on the side, these hangers are a must-have for your closet! 

Our sustainable bamboo wooden hangers come with curved rounded edges for a sleek design, which is something you’ll see reflected in a lot of our products. Our wooden hangers come with or without a bar of black velvet to match our felt hangers.

Rod & Shelf Dividers

We use rod dividers to separate hanging categories in a closet to make putting your clothes back as easy as can be! We knew there was a big gap in the industry when it comes to rod dividers. We want your closet to not only function well but look good too because when your closet also looks good, you’ll want to keep it that way! Our signature acrylic and white rod dividers are a great way to label your hanging while maintaining a beautiful aesthetic. 

Our acrylic shelf dividers were designed to fit a variety of shelf thicknesses. So no matter your space, our acrylic shelf dividers can keep your folded piles separated and standing up straight. 

Shoe Shelves 

There are a lot of shoe shelf options out there that have open, slanted shelves where shoes are always falling through which can be frustrating and leave your closet looking messy. We knew that we wanted to create shoe shelves with flat and solid shelves to give you the versatility of storing any type of shoe while keeping them neat and in place. We also wanted to make sure they were easy to put together and stackable for quick and simple implementation.

There is nothing out there like our acrylic shoe shelf. This shoe shelf comes in 1 piece and is a gorgeous addition to your closet. Our wooden shoe shelves are lightweight and super easy to put together. We put both of these shoe shelves to the test and have used them 10 high to create a wall full of shoes- the dream!

Over The Door Shoe Organizer

An over the door shoe organizer is a great way to create space where it didn’t exist before. Our over the door shoe organizer is made up of a cotton and polyester blend that matches our hamper and our fabric bins to create a cohesive look in your closet. You can use this for shoes and other grab & go items like hats, gloves, scarves, sunglasses- the list goes on! It’s paired with hook sizes of your choice to accommodate the thickness of your door.

Boot Shapers & Purse Stuffers

Our signature black Horderly boot shapers and ivory purse stuffers will keep your boots and handbags standing up straight in your closet, protected from getting crushed and damaged, and lasting longer. Our purse stuffers come in 2 sizes to keep medium and large bags structured.

Acrylic Collator

At Horderly, we always say we want you to be able to “shop your closet”. Our acrylic collator keeps your clutches and slim bags standing up on display so you can always see everything you have! What makes our collator unique is its soft, rounded edges coupled with the handles on the side for easy transportation.

Expandable Drawer Dividers

We use expandable drawer dividers inside almost every closet drawer we organize to create structure and keep categories separated and clear. Our Horderly expandable drawer dividers come in 8 different sizes of these to honor drawers of every shape and size! We love to match the color of the inside of the drawer for a custom look, so all of our sizes come in bamboo and white. Now no drawer will be left behind!


Bins are the main ingredient in an essential storage system for a closet. We created 3 bins in a variety of sizes to fit your organizational needs and style preferences.

Our felt bin was our very first design idea. With this bucket design that comes in 2 sizes, you can store a multitude of items. Use them on the floor or on a shelf- the soft bottom will slide right out and never scratch your shelves!

It’s hard to find a decorative, fabric basket in different widths but the same height- so we made one! Our fabric bin, which matches our over the door shoe organizer and hamper, comes in 2 sizes, so now you can use them side by side to keep your shelf balanced and your space maximized.

Our signature ribbed wooden bins may be our favorite product we’ve created. They come in 2 colors of white and natural, in 2 sizes each. They are on trend while maintaining a classic look and lightweight with handles for easy pull down access. You could use these in a bathroom or pantry as well!

Bin Clip Labels

Bin clip labels can be used to label any bin of your choice! Our labels have no ledge or paper which can be difficult to use with younger kids. Instead, we have a flat surface that you can put the label directly on to.


When it came to our hamper, we wanted our clients to have options. Our hamper comes with the options of divided or undivided inside, and lid or no lid exterior for easy access. As we mentioned, our hamper also matches our fabric bins and over the door shoe organizer to help you create a streamlined look.

We are so proud of our new signature closet product line and cannot wait to see your lives improved by the functionality, style, and intentionality of our designs. Be one of the first to own and love our products by booking Horderly today!

We offer an elevated service of in-home organizing that is now made even better with our own signature products (currently for clients only!). Please reach out to learn more about how we can organize your space and elevate the function and look!

Thank you for your years of support,

Jamie Hord

You can explore all our products here: Horderly Closet Products

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