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Horderly Holiday Gift Guide

December 10, 2018 | Holidays & Seasonal |

Hi guys! We are so excited to bring to you our first Horderly Holiday Gift Guide! The holidays are a crazy time of year. Rushing around from store to store, Christmas party after Christmas party, one family member’s house to another…it’s insane! Every year around this time when I try to run my usual errands, I get overwhelmed with the packed parking lots and the inability to push a cart down the isle at Target. Anyway, I always have this moment where I stop and think about how much is being bought around this time of year, but most importantly how many unnecessary purchases are happening. I feel like because this time of year is such a rush, we forget to stop and consciously think about what we are purchasing and why.

It’s a wonderful thing to give. However, it’s important to be mindful about our gift giving. Are those things really bringing joy to the others in your life? Every one of our clients have those gifts that were given to them by someone: their friend, mom, aunt, etc. A lot of the time it’s something that the client would never use but they feel obligated to keep that gift because they would feel bad to give it away. In the end, that gift is only causing them frustration and clutter! This is exactly why I thought I would put together a gift guide for our followers to share some of our favorite gifts, that aren’t necessarily turning into clutter 😉

For Her
I love getting candles as a gift, and love giving them! A candle can be a perfect gift because it’s temporary and not something that will live in a home forever. it’s something you can truly enjoy; lighting it at night, filling your home with a unique smell, creating a cozy atmosphere. When I am gifted a candle, I smell it and think of that person who gifted it to me and once it’s gone, I can toss or repurpose the jar however I wish. Our favorite candle choice is from Cultivated Candle Co. They always have new colors, styles and scents. Their scents are amazing. Every time I think I’ve found my favorite one they send me a new one that tops it! (My husband actually set up a month subscription from them for me, and I love it).


For Him
Apple Watch
We are all about time management! So what’s better than gifting a watch this holiday season. The Apple Watch is great because it goes so well with anyone; guy, girl, professional, athletic, you name it. The best part is, you can start with the basic band and with the endless band options that they offer, they are able to purchase whatever bands they like to fit their style. Purchase from Amazon for the best price!


For the Crafty
Label Maker
I feel like someone in my family gets a label-maker ever year. They are so fun! Dad gets one for his new garage (to label and stay organized) and this year I’m gifting my sister-in-law one to put systemize her new co-living lifestyle. My favorite is to gift this to someone younger. Kids are intrigued by label-makers. I love letting a clients son or daughter run off with my label-maker and go label crazy! Labeling is one of our favorite systems to put in place, and anyone and everyone can use more systems in their home. Read our blog post, A Professional Organizers Favorite Label Maker for more information on why we love this Label Maker!


For the Gamer
This is our game of the year. Best for ages 7 and above. It’s fun, entertaining and educational! My husband and I are very “anti-video games” and with my nephew currently obsessed with “Fortnight,” we love getting him and the family never wanting to stop playing Bananagrams. (We also have a bunch of our friends now obsessed with it too). It’s basically a more fun version of Scrabble.


For the Kids
I have 11 nieces and nephews and I’m guilty for being that Aunt who get them bins every year for Christmas. Let me tell you, they are a HIT. The kids love putting their gifts and toys in them. Last year I went with these adorable fabric bins from Pehr and this year I’m going with these from The Minimal Issue. (*Use code “horderly” for 10% off anything from The Minimal Issue). For my nephew who is a Lego lover, I’m going with this from The Container Store – how fun?! By gifting bins and fun organizational products, you can teach the little ones the importance of putting their toys away! It’s a win-win.


For Anyone
Professional Organizing!
…Drum roll! Professional Organizing is a gift that anyoneee could use (organized or not!). Professional Organizing is gifting time, money, less frustration, more energy, more quality time with family…the list goes on! More and more people have been reaching out to gift Horderly throughout the year. Instead of giving more stuff, gift a declutter session. Gift having less stuff and more space. Professional Organizing is great for all different types of people. Kids going to college, couples moving in together, wedding gift (for all of those wedding gifts coming in!), expecting parents, housewarming, birthday’s…it’s literally the perfect gift for any celebration! SO in honor of this post, we we’re trying to think of the perfect gift for our audience and we have decided to give 4 complimentary hours to the person who buys a Horderly Home Sweet Home gift card and gifts it to someone else! That’s a $500 gift card for yourself and a full home organization for a loved one. (You could also put this on your wish list for Santa). *Be sure to reach out before December 25th for this deal! Email or fill out this form here to inquire about Horderly Gift Cards!


Happy Holidays!


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