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Holiday Storage Products

December 6, 2023 | Holidays & Seasonal,Products |

As the holiday season comes into full swing, we are here to help you customize your holiday storage to fit your needs. These organizational tips will make setup and cleanup a breeze so you can enjoy stress-free time with friends and family!


Holiday decor should mostly live in storage areas like your basement, attic, garage, utility closet, guest closet, etc. That way you have an organized space for these items but they are also out of your way. We love working with metro shelves to create storage for bulk items in places like garages and basements.

  • Light Storage: Detangling light strings can be one of the most frustrating holiday tasks. This weathertight bin corrals your lights on individual spools so they stay detangled and easy to work with.
  • Ornament Storage: These weathertight storage bins and ornament trays are a great option for keeping ornaments safe and sorted.
  • Bulk Holiday Storage can live in weathertight storage bins on shelves.
  • Wreath Storage: Instead of spending your time fluffing your crushed wreaths, consider purchasing this round storage case to protect your wreath year-round. No more fluffing for you!
  • Tree Storage: For faux trees we love to use a roller bag because it is easy to transport and keeps out potential pests. If you have a smaller tree, this tote is the option for you! And if storing your tree vertically is the best solution for your space, this upright bag is a great choice!

TIP: If you purchase a live tree, try storing your tree stand in a non-prime real estate area of your shelf with other holiday items in your garage, basement, attic, etc.

Wrapping Paper Organization

Here are 4 ways you can maximize your wrapping paper storage depending on your space:

  • The Elfa gift wrap cart is great for creating a mobile gift-wrapping station for all of your wrapping needs. It comes with an accessory basket to hold your wrapping paper and ribbon dispenser, which attach to the outside of the cart for easy access. The drawers are great for storing stationery, tissue paper, gift bags, and other packaging items.
  • The customized gift wrap center bin is perfect for storing your gift wrap on a shelf or even under a bed if you lack storage space. It comes with four individual bins to help you sort out ribbons, gift tags, stationery, and tissue paper.
  • The iris vertical gift wrap box works well if you have lots of wrapping paper spools and are lacking in horizontal storage space.
  • The Elfa gift packing over-the-door solution is great for corralling all your wrapping accessories without taking up any floor space. It comes with an accessory basket for wrapping paper, a pegboard for sorting bags and ribbons, and an additional basket for stationery. Check out our reel showing you how to maximize this storage solution!

TIP: This greeting card organizer is great for adding additional separation between stationary categories! This can be added to the Elfa gift wrap cart or could be placed in your office by a shelf depending on how often you are using your stationery.

Holiday-Specific Kitchen Items

That roasting pan you use once a year for the holidays, along with other holiday-specific servingware, can be stored in a non-prime real estate* area of your kitchen. This could include areas like the upper cabinets above the fridge, the top shelf above general serving ware, and even in the kitchen island cabinets behind bar stools. Holiday linens and other smaller items can be stored in a buffet table or in bins to create a drawer effect on a higher shelf. For specialty china, consider storing in protective cases. They make these for stemware and smaller cups as well. Specialty silverware can also be stored in a box or protective case.

*Prime real estate areas are anywhere that you can easily grab items (ie.- from your neck to just below your bum). This is where you should place items that are accessed often. Non-prime real estate areas are slightly more difficult to access (ie.- anywhere you have to bend down, grab a stool to reach, or move stools to access). This is where you should store items that are used infrequently.

The holidays can be stressful. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the lack of organization in your space, this is a great time to outsource! Reach out to find out more about our offerings of In-Home & Virtual organizing!

For more information on all things Horderly- including lots of great tips, tricks, and other #HorderlyHabits- check out our blog or reach out for more information!

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