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Create Better Habits Through Easy Organization Hacks

May 22, 2023 | Organized Living |

On average, it takes between 30 and 60 days to create a habit. Below we take you through six ways to make small adjustments to your space to optimize your day. 

Create a Vitamin Station

If you are trying to remember to take your vitamins everyday, try creating a vitamin station!

Place your vitamin station near your coffee maker (or blender!) using a bin or lazy susan in a cabinet, or drawer organizers in a drawer! That way you have easy access and always remember to take them! If you are a nighttime vitamin user, consider organizing them into your nightstand using drawer organizers.

Swap Caffeine for Smoothies

If you’re tired of caffeine hangovers and headaches, consider tucking your coffee maker away into a cabinet rather than leaving it on your counter. This will break that habitual motion of going to the coffee maker first thing, and make you think twice before making your morning beverage. You can replace your coffee maker with your blender to have easy access to make smoothies in the morning instead!

TIP: Struggling to stay inspired to stick with drinking smoothies? Try making a smoothie station next to your blender where you store your protein powders, seeds, collagen, and more.! We love using bins to coral loose categories in cabinets. If you are looking to decant your protein powders, checkout these canisters!

Create A Tech-Free Nighttime Routine

Studies show two or more hours of screen time in the evening can seriously disrupt the melatonin surge needed to fall asleep. Instead of spending your night scrolling in bed, create a nighttime routine that doesn’t involve technology. Create a charging station for your phone further away from your bed so you aren’t tempted to scroll. Replace your phone’s spot on the nightstand with a book or journal so you have a more relaxing experience before falling asleep. 

Create A Mocktail Zone

If you’re trying to cut back on your nightly glass of wine, try replacing your nightly cocktail with an alcohol free beverage! Organizing a mocktail section in your fridge can help get you inspired. We love using this fridge can organizer for canned seltzers, sodas, and adaptogenic beverages. These wine bottle holders are great for storing zero-proof wines and spirits. These fridge drawers are a great way to store citrus and fruits used for mixing, muddling and garnishing.

Create A Reading Nook

Instead of zoning out to Netflix every night, consider taking your TV out of your bedroom to create a more zen and tech free sleep space. Instead, create a zone dedicated to relaxation and creativity like a reading nook! This can be as simple as a cozy chair with a blanket and your favorite book, or as elaborate as a mini library!

Declutter Your Closet

We all love a good shopping spree, but more often than not, excess spending leads to major clutter in your home. This might feel fine at first, but often adds up to become incredibly burdensome. We want your home to feel like a safe haven, not a storage unit. Next time you plan to shop, consider using the one-in-one-out method: if a new sweater comes into the home, an old sweater leaves. This is a great way to keep a paired down space and ensure that you are using everything you own. 

TIP: We always tell our clients that everything in the home is paying rent with its usage. If you aren’t using an item, it is very expensive because it is not paying to be there. It’s time to evict some of those underused items to leave space for you to see everything that you love to use!

Need help mastering the organization in your space? Reach out to find out more about our In-Home and Virtual organizing services!

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