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Before and After Closet Makeovers by Horderly Interiors

September 16, 2019 | Closet |

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Here at Horderly, we love closets! We love them so much we wanted to take time to showcase some amazing before and after projects that our talented designers have worked on for our clients.

Designing with The Container Store’s Elfa System


This client was lucky enough to move into a new home that already had The Container Store’s Elfa systems in place!

The only problem was that the Elfa system had been disassembled and didn’t fit the client’s specific needs, making it impossible for them to unpack and feel fully-settled into their new home.

In just one day, Horderly Interiors was able to bring the original Elfa closet back to life and update this space to be fully functional for the new family in this home.

Now, each stunning pair of shoes has a proper place where they can be seen, worn and cherished!

Strange Layout? No Problem.


We have all had strangely-shaped closets at one point in our lives, and this client was no exception.

Horderly Interiors was able to use The Container Store’s Elfa system to maximize every square inch of this unique space.

It’s important to utilize every bit of living and storage space to its full potential. Horderly Interiors loves helping each client maximize even the trickiest of closet layouts!

Designing with The Container Store’s Laren System


More and more often, new buildings are leaving their owner’s closets completely up to them!

For this exciting project, Horderly Interiors was given a completely blank slate to design this client’s new closet. A Horderly Interiors designer helped this client add even more value to their home with this custom Container Store Laren design!

We know this closet will keep this homeowner happy – as well as every homeowner to come!

Like What You See?

Here at Horderly, we’ve developed a system to implement the perfect mix of beauty and functionality in your custom closet.

We developed Horderly Interiors to take our service and the customer experience to the next level. Imagine the most functional closet customized to your style, clothing and daily habits – no-matter the budget.

If you live near a Container Store in New Jersey, New York or California, pop in and ask for Horderly!

Always feel free to reach out to and we can set up an in-person or video consultation!

To learn more about Horderly Interior’s process, please visit: “How to Design a Custom Closet with Horderly Interiors.”

Today’s Tip from Mrs. Horderly:

“Going through our Horderly process before a redesign can help ensure every item has a specific home.”

XOXO Horderly

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