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A Professional Organizers Favorite Label Maker

November 14, 2018 | Organized Living,The Hords & Horderly |

(I have partnered with P-touch Essentials for this blog post. All commentary on my love for this label  maker are 100% mine and genuine!)

If you’ve been following us for a while, you already know that we can’t stress enough how important labeling is in your home! After you’ve gone through the organizing process, the only way to turn your newly organized home into a forever organized home is by putting systems in place and creating new/better habits. One of our favorite systems and the best way to create habits for you and everyone else in your family is by labeling. Now your husband, teenager, nanny, housekeeper, and mother-in-law know where everything belongs and everything has an exact home. The great thing about labeling is that it’s now easier than ever with the new P-touch CUBE Plus which we are super excited to tell you about!


I feel like most people get really excited about label makers and labels – I mean, who wouldn’t?! I, as a professional organizers don’t leave the house without mine. I love when I pull it out of my bag on a job and our client gets suuuper excited and shouts “Oooooh, is that a label maker?!”. I have been using Brother label makers since day one and their new P-touch CUBE Plus has really stepped up our game. I want to tell you guys about some of my personal favorite features of their new labeler along with some creative ways you can use it!


Spell Check

One problem for the Horderly Team (if you’re an organizer, I’m assuming you’ve run into this problem as well) is that we are constantly asking each other how to spell something or referring to our phone to spell check. The P-touch CUBE Plus is connected to your phone via Bluetooth and you control it by using the Brother P-touch Design&Print app. You can type your label on the app from your phone which means spell check is right there! No more hollering across the room asking if sweatshirts is one word or two, or how to spell memorabilia!


Saving Labels

Wait a minute, I might never actually have to type “sweatshirts” into my label maker (in this case Design&Print app) ever again! The app allows you to save custom labels…An organizer’s dream come true!


No Scissors Needed

At Horderly, we respect our clients time and work as fast and efficiently as possible. The P-touch CUBE Plus automatically cuts each label after it prints which means saving us time by not having to go through and manually cut each one – which also means no crooked cuts!



At Horderly, we are all about that perfect mix of functionality and beauty. We love creating a space for a client that matches their aesthetic and that they will fall in love with! The P-touch CUBE Plus offers tons of label colors and sizes, including 13 brand new premium label tapes(!), including Glitter and Matte in two different size tapes: small (~.5 inch) & large (~1 inch), which gives us the ability to really personalize each client’s space (and each person within the clients’ family) so that they can call it their OWN. For example, colors in the kids’ room, bold in the office, and calligraphy in the closet (the ~1 inch Satin Gold is my favorite). This also makes it super fun for the kids to want to label and organize!


The Options are Endless

To me, the P-touch CUBE Plus isn’t just a label machine. It’s a tool that I believe should live in everyone’s home or office. There are so many creative ways to use this new label maker that it will help save you time and money! Use it to personalize your business, weddings, gift labels, parties, table settings…, you name it!

Happy labeling!

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