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A Mom’s Guide to Spring Cleaning & Organizing

April 12, 2021 | Kids,Organized Living |

Springtime is the most traditional time of the year to hit reset, get your house in order, and clean out the cobwebs before the warmer weather arrives! 

We’ve compiled a list of our best spring cleaning tips and ways to get organized for the sunshine ahead. 

Deep Clean Room by Room


Start small and work room-by-room to deep clean!

We suggest working from the top down when cleaning each room. For example, in your kitchen, clean the tops of cabinets, inside each cabinet, countertops and then floors last. Working from top to bottom will make the cleaning process go so much easier, and limit the amount of dust or grime you’ll have to wipe up twice!  

Take Care of Seasonal Chores


In the spring, there are certain seasonal chores you can tackle before the heat of the summer takes over. 

Add seasonal chores and an organizing refresh to your schedule each year! It’s important to create new habits to help you maintain your organizational systems and keep your home clean and safe!

  • Change smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector batteries
  • Change HVAC filters
  • Move your furniture and clean/vacuum hard to reach areas
  • Inspect your washing machine water hose  
  • Clean out your clothes dryer vents 
  • Spray for pests 
  • Wash exterior windows
  • Clean gutters and downspouts 
  • Check your roof 

Clear the Clutter


If you store off-season items elsewhere in your home during the different seasons, spring is a great time to pack up your winterwear and swap your closets and dressers for your spring and summer wardrobe!

As you switch your seasonal items from winter to spring, consider editing down your winter items before putting them away. Editing is the Horderly process of deciding what to keep, toss or donate. 

As you put your winterwear away for the season, consider how often you used each item, and whether you will use or need it the following season. If the answer is no, consider donating or throwing away the unused item! Your donation could make a difference in someone else’s life! 

Get Organized 


Once you’ve decluttered, the organizing process gets SO much easier – the less clutter you have to organize, the less cleaning and organizing you will need to do overtime as well! 

A disorganized home not only costs you time, but it can cost you serious money in the long run, too! Getting organized and staying organized will definitely pay off in the long run.

Getting organized doesn’t only make your home LOOK good, but it makes you FEEL good, too! There’s nothing more satisfying than having a clean, tidy home to relax in after a long day – or the satisfaction of knowing that you don’t need to scramble to clean up when unexpected guests pop by. A clean home is a happy home – and also gives you the peace of mind to relax and unwind!  

Once you’ve done your seasonal swap, it’s time to place items into prime real estate to set your spring and summer spaces up for functional use. Prime real estate should be reserved for the items you’re using and reaching for most often. 

For example, instead of holiday serve ware, switch out your holiday items for outdoor hosting items for easy access during times when you’re entertaining outdoors. 

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks on how to organize your outdoor entertaining items!



The Local Moms Network recently partnered with Horderly to work through our 11-Step Organizing process. Here’s what they had to say:

A few of our moms recently tried Horderly’s professional organizing services and we couldn’t wait to share. As busy moms, we’re always looking to save ourselves and fellow parents time — that’s why the motto of The Local Moms Network is literally Giving Moms the Gift of Time

Horderly has been an effortless way for our moms to streamline their spaces — and lives. They’re offering both in-home and virtual consultations; even if they’re not “with you” they are without you every step of the way. 

“My favorite part about the process is that they have a very specific step-by-step plan to follow. They sent me a clear and detailed follow-up email outlining their process, summarizing their recommendations, and giving me a to-do list,” says Kaitlin Strobel of Sound Shore Moms in Westchester, NY. 

For more information on all things Horderly – including lots of great tips, tricks, and other #HorderlyHabits – check out our blog or reach out for more information!

This content is independently curated by Horderly and may earn us a commission.

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