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5 Tips for Organizing Your Home for Spring

April 4, 2018 | Organized Living |

Open up your space
As you know, spring is all about opening up your home and letting in breathe. Go ahead and open those shades, windows and doors while you turn up the music and grab the Swiffer.
But wait! There are more ways that you can open up your home! Anytime you are bringing in new furniture, consider pieces that will open up the room. For instance – chose white, marble, or glass over dark wood or black. Small dining area? Use a small round glass table. Dark living room with 1 small window? A white console and marble coffee table might be your answer.


Make your bed
If you’re not one to make your bed every morning, try to make it a goal of yours to start. The benefits of making your bed seem hidden but I promise that you will feel a difference. Not only will it make you feel accomplished before you head to work and start your day but you will feel good coming home to a neat and tidy bed after a long day. If you find yourself in a slump (which most do after a long, dark, cold winter), give making your bed every morning a try and see if it brings a little kick of happiness 😉 While you’re at it, why not get a better night’s rest with a fresh set of sheets!


Start at the top
Of course spring cleaning means…dusting! When cleaning, think “top to bottom”. This means get those cobwebs out of the corner of the ceilings, wipe off the fan, then hit tops of shelves and make your way down to the floor. This way, you’re never going back and cleaning up dirt that fell on an area you’ve already cleaned. Tip: When putting books back on a book shelf, place them at the edge of the shelf, that way you don’t see any dust on the ledge!


Do a full walk through of your house and make a list on what takes first priority and so on. Tackle one project at a time and be sure to finish that project completely before moving on to the next one.
It’s best to create yourself a system where you are constantly decluttering instead of the possibly overwhelming yourself with 1 huge declutter where you might give up halfway through. Taking it all on at once can be daunting and you might find yourself always putting it off – therefore, making it worse as time goes on. Decluttering will then become more of a habit and a lifestyle. I always recommend to clients to have a bin or bag somewhere in the house that’s meant specifically for donations that you and the family can throw items into at any point and time. Consider hiring a professional to make the process much more seamless!


Did you know that getting organized will save you on hours of cleaning? Think about it, less stuff means less surface for things to land (including dust!) and making sure everything has a home means less stuff to pick up at the end of the day. I like to think of Spring as not only a time to clean your home but a time to consider the things you live with and why you live with them. Ask yourself, “do I use it”, “do I love it” and “is this contributing good vibes to my life”.


Last but not least, add some spring flowers or plants into your home! That’s what spring is all about, right?! Plants all around bring good energy and can purify the air in your home, remove airborne mold, reduce mold growth, along with many other benefits!


Happy spring!

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