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5 Things Professional Organizers Suggest You Let Go Of

May 28, 2024 | Decluttering & Donations,Organized Living |

Feeling stuck and cluttered in your home? We’ve all been there. At Horderly we always say that every item in your home pays rent with its usage. Time to ditch those things that you never use to create space for the items you use and love! Below we have 5 categories to help get you started on reclaiming peace in your home.

Old Tech

So often we see people holding onto old ipads, computers, phones, and cords that they do not plan on using or selling. These items are clunky and take up valuable space. People usually hold onto these items because they are concerned that their sensitive information could be accessed. That’s why we always recommend tech recycling to our clients. During the tech recycling process, the item will be completely destroyed so no sensitive information can be taken from it. Best Buy has a great tech recycling program that you can use completely for free!* Just bring a bag of your old tech to your nearest store and they will take it off your hands. Be realistic about whether you will take the time to upload everything to a hard drive, wipe the device, and go back and forth in order to sell it.

*NOTE: Certain XL monitors and TVs will incur a recycling fee. Checkout Best Buy’s website for more information.*

Barely Used Kitchen Gadgets & Appliances

Appliances are bulky and take up a lot of prime real estate in your kitchen. We have found that clients usually either use their large appliances or don’t and they collect dust. Be realistic with how often you use these items instead of keeping things “just in case”. The same goes for kitchen gadgets. Instead of buying the next viral TikTok gadget, consider if you have a need for this product, if it is worth the time it will take to clean, and if you have space for it. We often encourage people to let go of one-use gadgets that are rarely used to create space for the gadgets they use often.


We know this is a tricky subject but hear us out: you do not need to keep every card you’ve been sent. We recommend keeping letters that are special to you where people put in time to write personal messages that touch you. Any cards that are just signed with a name and date can go! If you’re having a hard time distinguishing what is meaningful to you at the moment, keep a box of cards and once it is full go through and see what cards strike a chord. You’d be surprised how what once may have meant something, no longer does after some time!. This process can help weed out the less important cards since you will see them alongside the more meaningful messages. The same goes for mementos that you don’t find sentimental value in but are keeping because you feel guilty tossing. Consider this your permission to toss anything in your home that makes you feel guilty to create space for the mementos that resonate deeply.

Gifts You Won’t Use

This is another category we come across far too often: gifts that people have received and only keep out of guilt. Just because someone took time to find you a gift does not mean you need to clutter your space with it. Remember that every item in your home pays rent with its usage. So if you aren’t using it, it’s time to evict that gift! If you’re having a hard time deciding what gifts to keep, here are the guidelines to follow:

  • If you will not use it -> DONATE
  • If you do not love it -> DONATE
  • If you are keeping it out of guilt -> DONATE

In order to avoid this issue all together, think ahead and let people know that you would like experience gifts rather than items! 

TIP: Checkout our gift guides to help you come up with some experience gifts you would love to receive!

Too Small/Too Big

Often clients keep clothing that is not their size because of aspirations of fitting into them one day. Whether the items are too big or too small, this philosophy can create negative feelings around getting dressed. We want you to keep items that make you feel good as you are, not clothing that makes you feel guilty for not looking a certain way. In Feng Shui philosophy, releasing clothing that no longer fits is believed to create space for positive energy flow, allowing for personal growth and transformation. By letting go of items that no longer serve us, we open ourselves up to new opportunities and experiences. Decluttering these items that create negative feelings can symbolize a commitment to self care and a willingness to embrace change. This can contribute to a healthier mindset and potentially help you reach your goal through renewed focus on well-being.

Struggling with the urge to purge but lacking the motivation?It helps to have someone keeping you accountable and we are here to help! Horderly offers both in-person and virtual organizing sessions to tackle your clutter one step at a time. Reach out and we can help you create the organizational systems of your dreams!

For more information on all things Horderly- including lots of great tips, tricks, and other #HorderlyHabits- check out our blog or reach out for more information!

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