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5 Steps for An Easier Morning Routine 

December 27, 2021 | Organized Living |

Starting your morning off the right way is incredibly important to set you up for a successful day. If you implement healthy, organized habits from the moment your alarm goes off, you’re sure to be more productive, less stressed, and have more time to enjoy the things that really matter – friends and family!  

At Horderly, we’re all about setting up organized, functional spaces for our clients; but once your home is organized, it’s important to keep your lifestyle organized, too! 

Here are Horderly’s five steps to creating an easy, and impactful, morning routine: 

Don’t Hit Snooze 

You are not going to feel more rested from an extra five, ten, or twenty minutes of sleep. Hitting snooze can psychologically set you up to be grumpy, groggy and procrastinate the rest of the day. When your alarm goes off, be proactive, get up and seize the day. 

Make Your Bed 

Making your bed can subconsciously reduce your stress levels. If you keep your bed neat and tidy, it will trickle down through your physical space and state of mind. It’s important to have items in their proper places so you can have a more organized mind and, consequently, a more organized life.

Follow A Regular Hygiene or Beauty Regimen

Doing the same routine each morning will help trigger to your brain that it’s time to start the day and be proactive. Following a regular routine of waking up without hitting snooze, making your bed, going through your personal hygiene routine and prepping breakfast will kickstart your day on the right foot. 

Drink Water & Eat A Healthy Breakfast 

When you eat a healthy breakfast, the doors to a productive day swing wide open. A healthy breakfast gives you energy, improves your short-term memory, and helps you to concentrate more intensely and for longer periods. Water is essential because it helps your body digest the food you eat, absorb the nutrients from it, and get rid of toxins in your body. 

Tackle Your To-Dos

Research shows that having concrete tasks set correlates with huge increases in confidence and control. Setting specific tasks to complete each day puts everything into motion. Narrow your tasks down daily and mark them as complete when you finish. It’s helpful to do your hardest task first so that the biggest stressor is off of your list and the rest of your day can be a breeze! Being able to cross off items from your to-do list will help give you a sense of accomplishment!

If you need some extra help but aren’t sure where to start, reach out to Horderly to schedule a consultation for in-home or virtual organizing. 

For more information on all things Horderly – including lots of great tips, tricks, and other #HorderlyHabits – check out our blog or reach out for more information!

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