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5 Essential Feng Shui Tips For Newbies

February 8, 2021 | Organized Living |

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese concept that is basically defined as how humans interact with their environment. At Horderly, we believe that the state of your home often reflects how you feel on the inside. If you’re surrounded by clutter, oftentimes your mind will feel cluttered too. This is why having a basic knowledge of Feng Shui, and a good organizational system is essential.



In Feng Shui it is believed that “chi” (energy) should flow freely in your space. A great way to check if your home has good “chi” is to imagine a stream of water flowing in when you open your front door. Where does the stream get caught? Where does the water have difficulty flowing? These spots in your home are usually where you have accumulated clutter. 

Free up some “good energy” by decluttering your home! If you don’t have a lot of time, spend 10-to-15 minutes a day going through a bothersome area, choosing items to keep, toss or donate. At Horderly, we call this process “editing.” When possible, invest in smart storage solutions for your belongings so it’s not immediately visible when you walk into a room. For example, we love this Poppin Box Bench in living rooms, basements, playrooms, or kid’s rooms. 

Keep Surfaces Clear


When clutter is dispersed all over a countertop or on your kitchen table, chi cannot “flow” there, dust collects, and the area becomes a stressful eyesore. Get rid of clutter by creating a home for each and every item in your house. Survey the items currently living on countertops and ask yourself, “how often do I use this?,” and “how do I feel when I look at it?” Answer these questions honestly, and if there are items that you still must keep out, corral them inside a tray or bin. Horderly professional organizers love using Square Acrylic Serving Trays to contain items like remotes on coffee tables, perfumes in the bedroom or bathroom and accessories in closets.

Beware Behind the Door


Make sure all your doors can fully open! In Feng Shui, doors are the portals where people and energy come and go, you want to make sure doorway flow is as seamless as possible when organizing your home. That doesn’t mean you can’t store items on the back of doors, though! Use your doors as a place to keep items you need on a daily basis. This could be aprons hanging on a hook in the kitchen, or a towel hanging on a hook in your bathroom. The key here is to only store what is essential on the back of your door, and make sure those essential items still allow a free flow of energy in and out. 

If It’s Broke, It’s a Joke!


Broken furniture or broken appliances are believed to be bad luck in Feng Shui! If you are surrounded by broken things, it is only natural that you begin to feel a little broken on the inside. Stop projecting lack and unworthiness, and either fix the broken items in your home or simply get rid of them! This is a great time to circle back to editing: can the broken item be donated, or should it be tossed? Broken handles, clothes with stains or holes, shoes that hurt, and clogged drains are just a few examples of things that deserve fixing or replacement. 

Your Basement Should Be A Happy Place


The basement is the foundation of your home, and if it’s messy or cluttered, that energy will seep into the rest of your house. Most people use their basement for storage, and that is OK, but just because it is a storage area, does not mean it should be a cluttered mess. Items should be easy to find, and any boxes or containers should be clearly labeled. You should not be holding onto items from your past out of guilt or negligence. Go through the belongings you are storing in your basement and ask yourself if they make you happy to look at, or if they make you feel heavy and sad. Take time to really declutter, organize, and clean your basement – you’ll see how your house suddenly feels “lighter.” For basements, Horderly professional organizers love using Clear Storage Boxes so you can actually see what you are storing.

Don’t forget to label any boxes, bins or even shelving units once all of your items have a proper home. 

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