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10 Best Ways to Declutter Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

February 28, 2022 | Bedroom,Organized Living |

Your bedroom is the most important room in your home that affects the quality of sleep you have. If you go to sleep with a messy bedroom that needs to be tidied up, it can actually negatively affect your sleep. 

Messy rooms are stressful, affecting your mental state before bed. Additionally, messy rooms attract dust, allergens, and critters that not only affect your sleep quality but your health, too. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary – a neat, tidy place where you can fall asleep easily and drift off into dreamland. 

Here are Horderly’s tips and tricks to decluttering your bedrooms for a better night’s sleep:

  1. Create A Routine – Creating a bedtime routine not only helps you stay organized and tidy, but it actually subconsciously sends triggers to your brain and body that it’s time to start preparing for sleep. If you start practicing the same routine every night around the same time, your mind and body will learn it’s time for bed – making it easier for you to actually fall asleep. For example, right before bed, brush your teeth then turn down your bed. 
  1. Clear Surfaces – Make sure there’s nothing on your bed or on the infamous bedroom chair before you leave for the day and/or before you go to bed at night. If you have that chair in your bedroom that always seems to have a pile of clothes on it, make a new habit to put all of the clothes away after you do laundry or have chosen an outfit for the day OR try getting rid of the chair altogether! Looking at a beautiful accent chair or decor piece that you love will be much more calming than looking at a pile of laundry or clutter you need to deal with. 
  1. Organize Your Nightstand (Or Get Creative with Nightstand Options) – Organize your nightstands to set you up for success with your bedtime and morning routines. Horderly suggests getting a nightstand with drawers so you can store and contain smaller items you need at your nightstand like lotions, eyeglasses, and earplugs. Keep nightstand tops as clear as possible so your mind is clutter-free before you drift off to sleep. Use drawer organizers to contain your small items. If you can’t fit a nightstand(s) in your space, use a bedside pocket organizer to keep items off the floor and easily within reach. 
  1. Keep Under the Bed Clear – At Horderly, we always try to keep under your bed clear. If this isn’t possible, consider getting a bed frame with built-in drawers or restrategizing the rest of your space to avoid storing items under your bed. If getting a new bed frame isn’t an option and you must store items under your bed, make sure you’ve decluttered everything, sort, categorize and use the proper containment that not only keeps your items dust-free but also looks nice!
  1. Don’t Store Behind Doors – When you open your door, there shouldn’t be anything blocking it like a hamper or a hanging mirror. However, storing things on the inside of your closet doors is okay. At Horderly we organize mindfully, considering Feng Shui. In Feng Shui, doors are gateways where qi flows from one space to another. In order to allow qi to transition freely between different spaces, and to encourage open expression and clear speech (or a clear mind before bedtime), it’s a good idea to take a look at the Feng Shui in your home.
  1. Hide Cords – Lots of cords come with the bedroom. Whether it’s from an air purifier, a fan, AC unit, a lamp, chargers, etc. use organizers, cord cables, or cord covers to hide them or make them more visually appealing. Cords can be a subconscious stressor for some people, hiding them or making them as visually appealing as possible can lower stress levels. Another tip is to avoid having a television in the bedroom. The benefits of not having a television in the bedroom are endless — including more conversations with your partner, setting a good example for your kids, better sleep, more space, less dust, etc.
  1. Add Plants – Did you know that certain plants can help you sleep better? Here are some favorites for better sleep (and they look beautiful)! 
  • Jasmine – Best for relaxation 
  • Snake Plant – Best for air purification 
  • Valerian – Best for inducing sleep 
  • Lavender – Best for deep sleep 
  • Aloe Vera – Best for air quality 
  1. Get the Right Lighting – When sleeping, your bedroom should be as dark as possible. However, when unwinding from the day, lighting in your bedroom should be as calming as possible. Avoiding direct bright lights before bed can help maintain your natural sleep cycle. If your bedroom gets an abundance of natural light, consider getting blackout shades so that the morning sun doesn’t affect your natural sleep cycle. LED lights tend to produce more blue light, which keeps you awake and your mind active. Instead, use dim or red lights before bedtime to help you sleep better. This also means avoid looking at screens at night like your laptop or phone.
  1. Maximize Space with Shelving – Utilize shelving in your room to declutter spaces like the top of the dresser or nightstand areas. Use shelves to contain tchotchkes or books if you find areas getting cramped. Shelves can also be a great solution to create a tranquil atmosphere; using shelves to display things like plants or candles to help set the mood for a better bedtime experience. 
  1. Decorate Mindfully – Bedroom decor is just as important as decluttering when it comes to sleep. Once your space is organized, choose decor and accents that promote healthy sleep patterns. Colors like light blue, gray, silver, green, and lavender as well as neutral shades are ideal for the bedroom.

There are so many factors that contribute to a good night’s sleep, but starting with decluttering is the first step to better Zs.

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