Jamie is awesome! We just moved into a 2 bed apartment and it was a huge mess. Boxes everywhere. Jamie completely unpacked and organized everything. She had great storage ideas on how to keep everything accessible and beautiful. She was incredibly easygoing and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend hiring her and will continue passing her info onto friends and family.

Gavriel, West End, NY

I can’t say enough about the great job Jamie did for me. She transformed my eye sore of a “storage” area; which consisted of a desk with all my cluttered piled on top, to another part of my home I can be proud of. Great job Horderly!!!!!

David, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Let me start by saying Jamie is an absolute God-send! She was punctual and came to work! I was a little anxious as I had never had a de-cluttering session before. I had years of clothing that I really needed to purge, but never had the gall to do so. Jamie made awesome suggestions and helped me get rid of so much “baggage”. I felt emotionally lighter and lighter as time went on. I have quite a bit more to do; however, I am looking forward to working with Jamie again. She has some amazing ideas that I cannot wait to implement! I wish there were 10 stars I could give. My family can already feel the difference and I really feel like I’m working towards fulfilling my goals for a more structured and tranquil life. Thank. You. Horderly!

Elizabeth, Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn

There is no better organizational service than Horderly. From the moment Jamie stepped into my closet, I knew it was in good hands. She helped me part with 3 bags worth of clothes to donate and walked me through the process while showing me tips and tricks to keep my space organized. Her beautiful work inspired my family and friends to begin cleaning their closets out so she can get to work! I highly recommend this punctual, professional, organized, and all around sweet girl to organize your entire life. You won’t regret it.

Jackie Kay, Garden City, Long Island

Jamie was amazing! She helped me pull my new house into order like you wouldn’t believe. My closets and rooms are unpacked, and they look wonderful. I definitely recommend and will certainly hire her again.

Jill, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

Jamie is great at helping you de-clutter your life!

Candice, Long Beach, NY

Wow — was it a lucky day for me when I found Jamie Alexander/Horderly!! She is extremely professional, creative, understanding, punctual and delightful. She is helping my husband and me organize our new apartment. I am very pleased with our progress so far. I highly recommend Jamie for any area, room or space that needs to be organized!! Your will be happy with the outcome.

Sherie, Upper West Side, NY

If you are on the fence about having Jamie Hord come and organize something for you, do it, you won’t regret it. I immediately sensed something different about her by her website. She’s young and knows all the new ways to use technology. She has a fresh clean style that she brings to your space. There was no judgement, we just went right to work. I explained to her my needs and why the space wasn’t working. Within hours the space was not only transformed, but here is the real magic…it has stayed that way for weeks (with 10 children!). Do yourself a favor make an appointment. If your like me my only regret is not calling sooner.

Megan, Long Island, NY

Jamie was amazing! She had such an eye for how to organize my artwork and supplies that would have taken me ages to tackle on my own. I feel less stressed and excited to start my next projects now that I have a clean and organized space to work in. Would highly recommend.

Megan, Long Island, NY

Jamie is incredibly talented, kind and magnificent at what she does. Her passion for organizing in is so felt. She seamlessly and magically organized my apartment in a way that was so stylish. I felt so light. Time with her passed by so quickly and she made it look so effortless too. My place looks INCREDIBLE. I didn’t realize how much clutter I had accumulated just in 6 months and she helped me make quick decisions on what to throw and keep. I’m so happy to have found Jamie! Defiantly going to see her again.

Leena, Central Park West, NYC

Jamie was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her.  She was extremely professional, prompt, efficient and most importantly fun to work with!  I always thought of myself as an organized person, but Jamie showed me that there was so much more I could be doing in my closets and home.  She taught me tons of organization tricks, and helped me to edit my overflowing closets.  I donated 8 bags of clothing, shoes, and handbags and I would have never felt confident enough to do this on my own.  Jamie helped me pinpoint which items I truly care about and need going forward.  I still have work to do, but Jamie was encouraging and supportive – she explained that organization is an ongoing process. My closets look like they are out of a magazine and I love getting dressed in the morning and as Jamie says ‘shopping my closet.’  I can’t wait to have Jamie come back to help with my linen closet and Kitchen.  Jamie is a gem and if you are looking for help organizing…look no further!

Jennifer, Upper West Side, NYC

Jamie is an absolute pro. De-cluttering and re-organizing goes a lot deeper than the surface, so working with her was very therapeutic for me! She is a very calming individual herself, so I am grateful for what she has taught me about my space and how to better set it up! It’s life-changing. Thank you so much, Jamie! You’re the best!!

Rosie, Midtown, NYC

Jamie was fantastic. Professional, hard working, superb organizational skills. She took a walk in closer that was so filled to the rim that I could not walk in it and cleaned and organized everything in 3.5 hours. I am grateful for her awesome services. 5 star service.

Yvette, Brooklyn, NY

Jamie is highly organized and professional and a pleasure to work with. She encouraged me to clean out the items in my closet that were no longer worn or needed, and by reorganizing my walk in closet, helped create a much more efficient and functional use of the space. I’ve already made an appointment for her to come back!

Karen, Central Park West, NYC

If you don’t think an organized home can change your life, you are wrong. I am someone who thought I was neat before, but I did not realize I was holding onto so much crap! Jamie came in and pulled everything out for me to see; it was so eye-opening to realize how many things had not been worn in YEARS. It may sound funny, but I actually feel like I have more space in my brain now with my apartment all de-cluttered. Everything has a logical place. No more buying seven bags of flour because I can’t see the bag hiding in the back of my cabinets. Jamie is truly a savior! I would recommend her to anyone, and am already planning to use her again.

Molly, Hells Kitchen, NYC

This professional service was the best investment I’ve ever made!! I hired Jamie to help me unpack and set up my new home.  She is extremely skilled at strategizing and balancing belongings and space.  She is personable, thorough, and a perfectionist in the best possible way.  She treated all my belongings with cherished special care, even down to my colorful paper clips.  She is a hard worker and completely adjusts to the individual needs of the client.  As a Mental Health Professional, I see this service as an imperative psychological intervention for anyone with depression, anxiety, or general feelings of “stuckness”  and being overwhelmed.  I can not say enough about this service and Jamie’s unique skills!  She is worth every penny!!

Pamela, Freeport, NY

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