At Horderly, we always encourage clients to only keep items that they love and use. 

You can easily increase productivity and decrease stress by only keeping or focusing on the items that make you happy, like a family photo, or items that help make your life easier, like select kitchen gadgets.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, here are some habits to break up with – and some helpful solutions – so that you can get organized and focus on what’s important! 

Do you find yourself purchasing duplicates or binge shopping? 

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There’s nothing more dangerous than going into a store without a shopping list! This year, commit to creating shopping lists no matter where you shop, and stick to your list so you can teach yourself to shop strategically!

It’s so easy to walk into a store and start pulling items off the shelves because they’ve caught your eye and you’ve convinced yourself that you’ll use it – one day. Months later, your impulse purchase is collecting dust, unused! 

Whether it’s the grocery store or a clothing boutique, always ask yourself whether you need that item, or whether you’ll use it within the next month. If the answer is no, or you’re going back and forth, it can wait! 

Are you losing things all the time? 

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Whether it’s in your car or at home, do you find yourself losing things – constantly? 

There are a few solutions to keep your belongings from wandering off.

First, declutter! If you’re having trouble finding your stuff, it probably means you have too much! Work room-by-room to review your belongings and decide what to keep, toss or donate. 

Once you’ve edited through your things, place them back in areas that make the most sense for your lifestyle. Put the items you need and use regularly in “prime real estate” – the most easily accessible areas in your home – and put items you use less often up high or down low. If you find that after one year you haven’t used something, reconsider whether you need it at all. 

After decluttering and strategizing locations, sort categories into bins or containers to corral similar items together, then label each bin so you know what’s inside! 

Having your belongings sorted and labeled will help you locate items quicker, and know exactly where to put it back once you’re done using it. Setting these systems in place now will make life so much easier! 

Do you tend to procrastinate?

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Instead of putting off your to-do list, put systems in place to help you accomplish (big or small) goals each day! Use a planner or digital list to keep track of action items each day, week or month. 

We love writing down our to-do list each day and assigning different tasks to different days. This way, you can start small and accomplish one or two tasks at a time, versus loading your day with tons of to-dos and feeling overwhelmed.

Do you have a hard time asking for help?

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You’re not alone, don’t worry! So many people hate asking for help, but it’s okay to!

A big part of asking for help, is also knowing when to delegate! This could mean asking your partner to help with specific tasks or chores around the house to take them off your plate, or it could apply at work by delegating a task in order to allow you to commit more attention and detail for the more important action items you need to complete. 

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength! 

If you don’t know where to begin on your organizing journey and need a helping hand, Horderly is here for you! At Horderly, we offer in-home and virtual organizing services, completely tailored to you and your organizing needs. 

Reach out to us today to schedule a consultation and break up with your disorganized habits!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Horderly! XOXO

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